It's field trip day today!!!! Yay :) Going thrifting all day and lunch with my boyfriend :) Winner will be announced this weekend :) Amanda--I miss you! Can't wait to see you when you get home from Calgary! I keep wanting to call you with my little stories ;) It's gonna be a great day! I love field trip day! And we're going to McDonald's right away...maybe I'll see Vicky and Darlene! Eeeek :)


  1. have a fun field trip day!!!
    wish i could join you. :)

  2. i hope you have a super day and find lots of goodies while you are thrifting!

  3. I wish I had the day off to play.... I am jealous.

  4. hey LA, we're staying over the weekend at this most gorgeos mansion of a home, it's family of friends of chris and elaina. went to the zoo today, you'll never guess what I saw ... a baby elephant, your dream come true, also saw a baby gorilla and baby giraffe, it was so awesome. took lots of pics, see you soon, and by the way you're Lisa and i'm baby. luv amanda


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