103 & Giveaway!

Holy Smokes! K, I'm finished listing all the things I've made lately and the FreckledNest Shop has ONE HUNDRED AND THREE pretties!!! 103!!! Eeeeek! :) * So I want to have a Giveaway! * Go look thru the Freckled Nest Shop... and in the comments of this post, leave your name & email and list your favorites :) In a few days, Keith & I will draw a winner :) We'll create a unique treat for the winner :) * BONUS: And for the first 7 people that buy something (starting now), I'll include an extra sumpin sumpin in their package :) And whoever is the 200th item sold gets hmmm... you'll see ;) * PS. Look at the Love Note my friend Lacy made me... I had happy tears coming; I felt so special and loved:) Thank you precious Lacy!! Added: (the sumpin sumpins) 1 - Inka Happy Tears Hanky (extra=Purse Notebook) 2 - OliviaAnne Vintage Apron (extra=Tiny Photobooth Album) 3 - Meredith Notebook Kit & Housewarming Album (extra=Little Yearbook) 4 - Bobbi Housewarming Album (extra=Ugly Mugs) 5 - Jenn 1hr MiniBook Kit (extra=Ugly Mugs) 6 - Kristen Button Flowers (extra=3.5x3.5" Photo Album) 7 - MaryBeth Custom Tote (extra=Oversized Tiny Photobooth Album) 200th item - Kristen! ($15 FN Gift Certificate)


  1. Wow, that's a lot of things! I especially like the Purse Notebook - Burst, the Housewarming Album - Blueprint, and the Sketchbook - Yellow.

    ikkinlala AT yahoo DOT ca

  2. wow! what a great giveaway!! I love the juicy sketchbook and the buttons in individuals envelopes-I can't decide which I like more :)

  3. Ooh I am IMPRESSED! Way to go!! I'm diggin' the button flowers and I really wanted to be able to choose just one or two, but I'm pretty much loving all of your notebooks/sketch books, and the mini-albums! So cute!!

  4. Yay! I love your giveaways! :)
    Jen Coen
    My fav FN schtuff: Button Flowers, Vintage Apron, Pink Doodle!!, um, all the notebooks, all the totes! hehe
    stop me now! :)

  5. I spotted your GobStopper button card and the PopRocks card - I like glass vintage buttons, if you couldn't tell - as well as your Aqua and Wood notebook and the MixMaster Vintage pack. Very very cute shop.

  6. Wow, I love the Pink doodle photo album,Notebook,woodgrain and asterisk, purse notebook-red white and clouds, glass buttons-pop rocks. I really, really LOVE the woodgrain notebook with the bookplate. I love the concentric circles notebook, button button, skull tote and the personalized artist rollup. I have a lot of favorites. I love everything you make. I'm a huge fan and need more cash to spare when I look at your Etsy. You make the most unique products that I don't see any where else. You should be proud and I'm so glad you branched out to open your shop. Can't wait until I can order from you again. Thanks for the contest.

  7. Wow, how very nice of you! I really like the red vintage apron so I can be Martha-ish; the MIXMASTER vintage pack to match my vintage-ness; and the last most awesome-ist thing I like is the Skull Tote (Blk*HotPynk!) to match my tattoo. Of couse, any of your wood-grainyness would be cool! lorena b. aka hotpynkchyca@yahoo.com

  8. i love the buttons, purse notebooks and the vintage hankys. and also totes and notebooks. :D

  9. I cant decide between the heart tin and the buttonsbuttons I adore them both, congratulations on the HUGE update :)

  10. Hi! I just love all of your stuff and can't believe you're actually going to give it away {gosh, I hope I'm lucky!} My favorites are the Oh Snap - Tote and Weiner Dog - Bag. Can you tell I love your bags?! Thanks.

  11. Leigh-Ann,

    You are an inspiration. The fact that you've been able to make your passion your life's work is incredible.

    My name is Susan. susanslinkard@yahoo.com. My favorite item in your etsy shop is the 'Patty' notebook kit. That's not a color combination I normally use in my scrapbooking, but I love it. I could create myself a handy-dandy little notebook to jot down new and exciting scrapbooking (and other) ideas! Best to you....

  12. i love that little purple photobooth album and the cards. and those vintage plates are so cool! evan: revsanford@gmail.com

  13. So many favorites! Love the purse notebooks, they are just right!
    And the Little Yearbook(Blue and Red) are perfect too for my tweenager & all her friends' photos! The Dillweed Blank Sketchbook has been on my favorites since day one. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my FN sketchbook!
    I'm all about the paper goodies (love the cards too~ would totally get a stack of blank notescards w/your designs!)

  14. Well I LOVED the apron but someone got it before me... I am so sad!

    I also love your totes and your new purse notebook...

  15. It's pretty hard for me to choose, BUT I think the button cards are genius packaging, your set of 3 handmade cards are delightful, and as always - I am nutso about your journals and totes! Really, what's not to like? I guess I'm not too helpful, huh? ;-)

    You know my stuff.

  16. Oh man, there are so many favourites!

    I love all the notebooks and albums with the doodle covers, those are really funky. The LOL and purple flower tiny photobooth albums are very me, I'm sorely tempted by LOL. The memory, oh ya and cutouts photobooth albums too.

    I love pretty much everything, Rachel is holding my credit card hostage apparently!

  17. So much cute stuff in your store! I really like the 1-hour mini-book kit, the heArt Can and MixMaster - Vintage Pack. Thanks for doing this givaway!

  18. Where do I start? I like so many things in your shop and adore so many more! My favs are the Pink Doodle 6x6 photo album, the Heart Tote and the Little Yearbooks. Such talent you have! All of your items would be great gifts (or fun for me to own!!) and would bring many smiles. Thanks for the giveaway! I'd be so lucky to win!


  19. YES!!!!!
    Take that apron stealer... JK

    I AM SO HAPPY I got so many cool things... I LOVE YOU LA

  20. all of your creations are amazing! i wish i had your talent...
    my favs are the little yearbooks and the pink star tiny photobooth album...

  21. i just read through all your comments because I am a compulsive comment reader and I love the fact that Susan said "handy dandy noteboo" Love that!!! My favorite in your shop is the mini 1 hours scrapbook because I have one and happen to know just how truly wonderful they are!!! Love ya!!!

  22. congrats kristen! :)
    you´ll be getting such a cool things!
    i also love my extra purse notebook, hihih. :)

  23. Yay on all those sales!!!
    I love my journal, still begging to be put together lol.

  24. I love these:
    and http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=14507544


    bunnybx at gmail . com

  25. OOOOOOOOOOOOOO I love giveaways!! I checked out your shop and I am loving the Polaroid books, the heart can {heart}, and the buttons in the envelopes. Thanks so much for the chance!


  26. Hello! What a lovely initiative, I like giveaways and your Etsy shop is really adorable! I liked the Juicy Raspberry Blank Sketchbook, the Sketchbook - Yellow and the Dillweed Blank Sketchbook (not hard to guess I like sketchbooks ;D).
    I wish I could win one, thanks for the chance!


  27. i like the beautiful sketchbooks i wish i could get one but currently i'm broke so ..yeah : ( i love drawing soo much and am getting better and better with practice so sketchbooks are always great for that and those on your etsy are adorable!

    lc_intocable at yahoo dot com

  28. I love the purse notebooks and purse notebooks, my favorite is the Concentric Circles - Notebook!

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  29. I am lovin ALL the vintage buttons! And the purse notebooks..too hard to pick just one!
    Thx for the chance to win! :) :) :)

  30. You have soooo many cute things! I love the purple flower album and the sunny yellow purse notebook. You make such cuties!

  31. What a darling shop! The skull tote is awesome. I also love the "Chip" polaroid album (if I can ever find film for my anchient polaroid camera, this would be perfect!), and the "memory" photobooth album - what a great idea!!! I love photobooth pics!!

    Thank you for offering this neat giveaway! My email is: fwuffles@jaided.com

  32. Hi!!
    I love the Juicy Raspberry Blank Sketchbook, the Concentric Circles - Notebook and the MixMaster - Vintage Pack!!
    I'm Susana (sbargiela@yahoo.es)


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