freaking yeah!

Holy cow is Tish ever AWESOME! Just got home (i'tell you about that in a sec)... but look what was in my decrepid mailbox (i SO need to get a new mailbox, lol. There's a dead beatle currently residing in it cause the lid-flap fell off the mailbox and i'm afraid to touch it and keith won't either. oh problems. lol.)! Tish! THANK YOU!!!! You're the biggest sweetheart! And I *wish* you coulda heard me squealing when I opened it! It's so me! Thank-You!! There's so many great things today..."it's party day" :] 1. I got this new shirt in the hip section at The Walmart. It pushes my boobs down. And i like that. And I'm 5'6 but I look at least 5'7 in this picture. I know, right?! 2. I did SO much stuff today! - Went out for breakfast with Michele and Hudson. - Went to Dollarama and scored some good dollar finds - Went to Michaels and got free stuff - Met Keith for lunch (and madeout in the car) - Shipped stuff and met a real nice postal lady - Picked out paint colors for our room at the cabin :) (I'm doing a bright and fabulous feature wall. If I do POOLSIDE BLUE, the theme will be Vintage Glam with black and white accents and an old chandalier. If I do RUBY BLUSH, the theme will be Juicy with lots of Red and Pink and lots of prints. Gotta talk to Keith still. *i hear a car metaphorically slamming on the brakes in the distance*). - Got groceries - Drove without crashing (still missing a mirror) - Got supplies to make more 1 hour Minibook kits - Went to the Walmart for like... an hour at least (i zone out in there) 3. Got to see Mom, Amanda, Olivia and Kennedy today & taught the girls how to say "okie dokie" 4. Keith came home and we made supper together and danced to Rockin Robin, lots. I think this is the new Freckled Nest theme song. 5. Now we're chillin and we're gonna go crodel soon (craft + model). 6. I have a funny video to show tomorrow. I think it's funny. Mom says not to show it. 7. I was sharing my muffin with Ollie&Kenny today...i fed it to them like a mama-bird while singing "feed the birds, toppins of joy, topins, topins..." 8. AND i found these at Walmart today. Go get! $10! I had SUCH a great day today! I decided I need to go on a field trip once a week (most likely once a month) just to stay energized and blog-brainy. I've been in the house too much. It's party day! Yay :)


  1. Oh my goodness Leigh-Ann you were pretty busy after you left. Good to hear you had a great/ productive shopping day finding all the great deals. So next time we are together you need to update the pic of you , me and Hudson, that picture is sooo old.
    Hope you have a great Thursday talk to you later

  2. I love the idea of a field trip day! It looks like you had lots of fun and really great scores!

  3. Loving the cabin room colours and theme ideas, especially the blue + black and white accents version. My dream boudoir has the bed-wall covered in black and white flock wallpaper, and then touches of shocking pink, and this fabulous chanedlier lamp I've seen in town (will snap and blog it!)

    Those buttons too! They remind me of a restaurant we used to go to in France, they had bands of those colours going up the wall, I always said they would make fantata bathroom colours. :)

  4. Hi Leigh-Ann,
    WOW! Tish is a very generous friend, really nice stuff Tish, SO LEIGH-ANN! :)
    1. Really cute shirt LA, looks good on you and I like the print. Yah!! I can see that you look an inch taller, ha ha. (The back yard actually doesn't look to bad guys.)
    2. It's nice that you and Michele AND Hudson got together, hope you all had fun, especially Hudson since it was McD's. Hi Michele. :)
    -Nice to have lunch with Keith, hi Keith.
    -Tell the truth, you/we already had the blue picked out, Mom said the red is to bold for the cabin,(I'll take the blame) told LA to use it in her own house. I really like the chandalier idea myself, may do it too.
    -It's a good idea to get food.
    -GET THE MIRROR FIXED, so you DON'T crash.
    3.Glad to see you LA, thanks for the coffee, can never have too much coffee.
    4. Rockin' Robin????
    5. crodel???
    6.NO DON'T SHOW IT!!!
    7. And they thought their Aunty LaLa was loosing it, ???topins of joy???
    You did have a good day Leigh-Ann, and getting out of the house once a week is a GOOD thing, makes a productive mind....
    Glad you had a good day. Don't forget to phone for your appointment.

    Love Momma
    Long hey, I don't have my own blog so I'll use yours.

  5. wow, those things tish sent you are adorable and cute. :)
    also those buttons are awesome. too bad we don´t have walmart here...

  6. oh, and that shirt looks really good on you! very coo. :)

  7. Love the Vintage Glam idea!
    Love the buttons!
    Hey Tisha, where did you get the cute little note card (or whatever it is) with the birds on it?
    LA, I was in Canada (BC) last week and I thought of you a lot. I know you live in Winnipeg, but still, it was Canada. ;-)

  8. seriously love the top. it has POCKETS. you know how i love.

  9. HOT!!!
    Thats what you are.... HOT!!!

    You look so amazing!

    AND Wow... what a great gift Tish sent you.

  10. Hey there LA... what a day you had! Wish I could have gone with you! The Wal-mart here is pretty scary, so I never go. Target's hip section keeps calling my name, but they don't have any sewing stuff. Wish there were a better W-Mart, or do I? Love the top... you look at least 5'8"... just add some heels and they'll think you're a model! Go girl!

    Have a great weekend.


    p.s. I'm receiving so many compliments on my banner. Thanks again.

  11. Those paint colors are so fun! We're painting our baby's room a blue that's pretty close to that blue. And great score on those buttons! I zone out at WalMart, too. I almost have to take someone with me everytime I go to keep myself from getting tons of crap I don't need!

  12. Hi, Leigh-Ann!
    I'm glad you liked your goodies...

    Delighted, the bird tags are from Shabby Chic Crafts. they have an etsy shop and a website...

    those buttons are yummy, i love the paint colors, and i hope you have gotten or get a new mailbox soon!


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