Sisterhood of the Traveling Patch

Two of my best friends and I are giggling today! We're the Sisterhood of the Traveling Patch ;) My job was to make Kristen a patch. Now I'm mailing it to Kristen in Michigan and she's mailing the patch and sewing materials to Inka in Finland. Inka is going to sew the patch and the materials together and make a laptop case for Kristen. The patch that traveled 3 countries ;) * LDR means Long Distance Roomie :) Kristen and I talk like we've known each other our whole lives and we think we'd make great roomates, and hence (HENCE) we call each other LDR. * Note: Inka and I are joining forces to make a laptop case that I will embroider and sell in the Shop. Coming soon :) * Check out Kristen and Inka's etsy shops :) Inka's got free shipping till Aug. 31st and Kristen's doing a Giveaway to celebrate her 100th Blog Post! I wish THIS is what she was giving away. I'd flip!


  1. FIRST:I LOVE THE PATCH.... That is so perfect. I love it. I love it so much.

    Plus I got the best part of the deal here... i get your awesomeness and Inka's awesomeness all in one laptop cover that is with me at all times.

    I love you both.

    PS. Thank you so much for the link up and The giveaway is not that... I love that dish to much... BUT.... I have three choices and one of them is very similar to that dish but its a mini one. The winner will pick one of the three and I will put the other two in my shop....

    I will have them on my blog soon.. today.

  2. hi la la, just checking up on you. The girls immediately started saying LA LA keees (keith) Miss you, having a great trip, aside from loosing our camera (got turned in) KEnnedy almost cracking her forhead open( she's okay now) and being stuck in crazy traffic for 2 hrs( wanted to die). Olivia is pulling the stickers off of all my eye-shadows , did you teach her this??love you lots, - you should make a post for me to see, we'd love it. amanda olivia and kennedy. xoxox

  3. OKAY... I just looked at the fabric... and I think it matches I am going to take a picture up on my blog tonight the stripes are going inside as the liner and the canvas color is the bag color check it out. Let me know what you think.

  4. Oooh Laptop you make 17 inch covers?

  5. Yep :) Once we're up and going, we can make whatever size you need :)

  6. i love you girls! :)

    p.s. that patch looks really good!


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