How to Join Photos - Tutorial

(Click on the image below and keep it open in a seperate window so you can reference it) Tania asked me how to do Photo Joining... so here we go :) This is a quick cheater way of bordering & joining images for non-photoshop people :)

A. Open Microsoft Publisher. (Word works but I strongly dislike that program)
B. Insert 2 pictures. (File>Picture>From File>Choose pictures from your computer files>ok)
C. Crop or Constrain them to the SAME width or height. (To constrain, use the corner dragger so that the aspect ratios will stay unsquished)
D. Right click over Picture 1.
E. Select "Format Picture" then the "Colors and Lines" Tab. (See 1)
F. Under the LINE category (See 2), Select a border color from the color dropdown. Then put the weight dropdown to 6pt (See 3). Do the exact same color and weight to BOTH photos.
G. You should have 2 seperate photos with a border (See 4). Now we're going to kiss them together.
H. Take the bottom picture and layer it over the border of the top picture. (so the bottom pictures TOP border will be layered ontop of the top pictures BOTTOM border). The widths of the new combined border should look the same size as the rest. (See 5)
I. Once the images are layered (StepH), click the mouse over one picture then hold down the SHIFT key and then click the other picture. (this selects BOTH images). At the bottom of the selected images, you'll see a little white square with 2 squares in it. (See 6). This is called "Group Objects" and when you click it, it will make the 2 images into one! Click it. Now you'll notice if you move the image, it all moves as one.
J. Right click over the grouped pair and select "Save As Picture..." (See 7)
K. Save the image as a Jpeg (See 8). (This will make it like a normal usuable picture for whatever you want.... Blog, print, flickr, distributor ;)
L. You're done :) It's really easy once you've got the hang of it :) You can do it with as many pictures and sizes as you want as long as you scale them correctly. I made the tutorial image above the same way(5 images).

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  1. that was a nice tutorial! What programs do you use on the mac/

  2. thanks :)
    on my macbook, i use iPhoto and Photoshop CS3. I'm so ami about photoshop, but I'm learning :)

  3. Thanks Leigh-Ann. I didn't even know I had Publisher (hee hee). Cool tip especially for blogging photo hounds.

  4. Elizabeth.... you didn't catch my distributor joke for you?
    lol ;)

  5. Dude - How did I miss that? Well...I actually didn't even read that step because things were making such sense that in my eeeeeek excitement I was just going for broke at that point.

    But how special do I feel now that you pointed it out!?! Eeeeeek number two for the day.

    I really need to get out more when these are the things that make me eeeeek (ha ha). This is what happens when a baby holds a mama hostage for 5 months straight (hee hee).

  6. love the LA tutorials. Thanks LA


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