Sticker Sticking Tutorial

You know when you're using alphabet stickers...and you stick them down and run out of space towards the end...and you need to lift them all... and they get crinkly... and you try again... and they don't look so "fresh".

Well... here's what I do :)

1. Use the slanted edge of a clear ruler. (The spacing/measurements don't matter to me, but if you're anal, you can use them) 2. Stick each letter sticker on the edge of the ruler, leaving lots of the sticker hanging off the ruler. Don't press them down hard, just let it kiss onto the ruler. (yes, i just invented that term) As you place them down, space them evenly and how you want them to look once attached to your project. You can do this by putting the clear ruler onto your project so you can picture the space and layout without the stickers "sticking down". 3. If you have any other elements in your Alphabet sticker phrase(ex. button, rubon, flower), put it on the table with the ruler on top of it and leave the appropriate amount of space amoungst your stickers. This way the gap is just the right size! In the example below, I had a blue heart rubon instead of the word "Heart". Genius, I know ;)

4. Once your alphabets stickers are on the ruler. Test it over your project to make sure it fits and looks awesome. If you need to adjust any of the stickers, it's easy. And they won't look crinkled. Just slide them a shimmy or gently lift them off and reposition them.

5. When they're in postition, hold the ruler&project in place and press the stickers onto the project surface. They will still be attached to the ruler.

6. Hold the ruler with both hands and rotate the bottom edge of the ruler towards yourself. This will lift the ruler from the stickers.

7. Make sure the stickers are the still the way you positioned them on the ruler. If good, press the bottom down too. There.
8. Now you're ready to add the rubon, and the space will be a perfect fit :)
I'll show more of this fat mini-album sometime soon. I've got lots of finished projects to photograph and some etsy items for Inka Shopkeeper to list :) My sister and I have been busy bees.


  1. Oooh, I love it LA...thanks for the tutorial :)

    (can't wait to see more of that mini-album)

  2. can´t wait to get to put some more itmes to etsy! :)
    i´m now finished with my school tasks, so i have time for some fun.

  3. very good idea - there is also a tool that I use called a Titletopia from Creative Memories (I know - gasp) and it works great - comes with a non stick backing page etc and you can make circles, waves etc -and it's only $8 for the waves/straight lines and the seperate circle one.

  4. how seriously informative. I never would have thought there was an art to it...but like...there is!

    Hey...let's go with that option. I'll buy the bag. :) Kay?

    Your brother likes me? As in, he's crushin on me? *chuckles

  5. It's funny that I never thought of this before.... GREAT IDEA LA!

  6. Hi LA :) This has got to be THE smartest scrapping tip EVER! I like to think I'm pretty good at "eye-balling" things but this makes places alpha stickers slick as you-know-what! Thanks! :D

  7. just saw this from your other post today! great tip! thanks! I will certainly be using it!

  8. AHH this makes so much sense! sweet!


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