Big FN Sale :]

Freckled Nest is having a big sale today!
And y'all get first dibs :)
If you want to buy something you see here... in the comments of this post, please write your name, email and which item(s) you want...but first look if anybody else has bought it.
*Shipping is regular price and is not included in listed price.
*Payment by Paypal.
*Prices in US dollhairs.
Happy shopping on this sunny Thursday :]
"Hey Cupcake" Handstitched Tote
Reg. $65 SALE: $50
"Skull and Buttons" Handstitched Bag
SOLD to Bobbi
"Our Family" 5x7 Album (Handmade from Scratch)
SOLD to Ashli
"Marigold Orange & Seaglass Blue" 5x7 Album (Handmade from Scratch) SOLD to Meredith
***I will emboss a new name on the album once payment is received***
New name "Perrin"
"Skater Boy" 5x7 Album (Handmade from Scratch)
SOLD to Kendra
New name "Puckett"
"Blushing Paisley" 7x7 Album SOLD to Coralee
"Madison Moss" 7x7 Album (Handmade from Scratch) SOLD to Joy
"Wow" Photobooth Album
SOLD to Ashli
"Ballerina" Thin Photobooth Album
Reg. $10 SALE: $5
"we're slashin our prices"


  1. First of all, I want you to know that I think your products are worth full price. Having said that a sale is totally awesome timing. It was looking like my gift to mom was going to be my presence instead of presents. lol I would love to buy the "blushing paisley" album for my mom's birthday. It's beautiful. Let me know how you want $$$ etc.

  2. I want the pink skull bag, please...!


  3. Gahh, I love sales! Its impossible to resist. I would lurve the 'Skater Boy' album. E-mail is

  4. I would like wow photo booth album and our family please.


  5. may I please have "dawson" with the name "perrin" on the front?

    thanks, lady!

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  7. i would like to purchase the madison moss album please

  8. wow lots of LA goodies going around the continent hey?! Good day Leigh-Ann.

  9. You know it's funny I was going to buy the skull bag off your Etsy this morning but decided I'd wait. Glad I did!

  10. I want it all, NOW I need the money:) It looks like your sale has gone good!!!!

  11. sweet timing Bobbi!!! it was meant to be :)

    Hugs :)


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