"i have bird hair. which is good." (look how i'm typing)

you know you're an addict when you're checking your blorld using 'borrowed' wireless while waiting for the train to clear on the drive home.

Saturday, paid my ticket and got my hand-stamped for WOW. We wanted to go back Sunday night for more of that amazing lemonade...so i put packing tape over my stamp in the shower so I could get in again. Genius, i know ;) [Can't wait to show you pics from World of Wheels. it was so cool!] lol. i yelped when i saw this. no. no this is not correct. but i sure wouldn't mind if it had been....lol! Took this while waiting for the train. Got a new hairstyle this weekend :) Totally diggin' seeing my eyebrows again, lol. What do you do that makes you laugh at yourself? Happy April Fools! Go plays games on people! I wanna set my coworker Kevin's stapler in Jello! 11 Days till my Birthday :]


  1. Ok, some things...I can't believe you put packing tape on your hand...LOL! A bit dishonest??

    Love the new hairstyle...it is super fitting, although I love everything you do with your hair. I'm getting mine cut soon, but haven't decided on a style yet!

    Wouldn't it be nice if that were your deposit amount? Only if you were sending some my way too...LOL! :)

    Yes, you are a super addict, and that's ok too! Love ya LaLa!! :)

  2. Super stealth on the tape over the stamped hand thing:) Loving the new bangs going on there, your eyebrows are like perfectly shaped, Lucky girl!!!!

    Have a wonderful day:)

  3. hooray, happy almost birthday! April is such a great month! Great new do! What makes me laugh at myself, well, I get this little snort going on when I am really tickled by something funny. It's kinda embarassing, but i'm learning to laugh about it.

  4. CORALEE! Me tooooo! lol... it's endearing, embrace it ;)

    Patty, i do my eyebrows. just pluck. its easy. eyebrows can *really* change your face :) but don't go overboard, loL!

    love you too stems!

  5. I am so far behind in my blogs....

    That picture is so great of you. I just love how you are so happy lately!

  6. *de-lurks* I've been a stealthy-ninja reader of your blog for ages, but today I just *had* to post!

    You know how you see photos of people that you don't really know, on the internet, and you get a picture in your head of how they look. And then *bam* you see another photo, and they look totally different!

    This new photo of you is so amazingly different, and I'm loving the new hair. :D

    So uhm, hi! *re-lurks*

  7. lol! hi Leo :)
    thanks :)
    lol "relurks"... you're funny :)

  8. Having now caught up with your entire blog, I believe a huge Happy Birthday is in order!

    Hope you had a great day.

    My girlfriend and I have talked about your albums lots, we may well be in contact for a set of custom orders in the future, if we can just decide what we actually want *teehee*


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