Tutorial Number B - Photo

Here's my second how-to/turtorial. How i take product/project photos and otherstuff. It's super easy, and looks good for what i need. You can buy or make a Macro Photo Studio ...but i don't want to store one. So i just set up this little getup. Use any solid white paper (i use Scrapbook paper) and put a layer flat and a layer as a background (i just rest it against whatever). This one was a weak attempt cause i was rushing, but you can see it. Then set up somekind of positionable light overhead. Aim it at the front of your muse so that you see vibrant color and avoid shadows. (Note: I use a Natural Light lightbulb; more true color) Set your camera to "CloseUp" (this is my favorite setting!...this setting is the way i see the world) and get in there. (Note: Closeup automatically turns off your flash. This is good.) Position your piece so that you see it's best features and that it looks natural; not awkward. Get a good angle...instead of zooming, get close, and take more than one. People have said i'm photogenic, but lol, when you look at my files, you'd see i take 100 (not joking) to get that one great shot. The beauty of digital. Take lots, (afterwords, erase the blinks and blurs) and have fun! There. If you have questions, ask. Here's another example: I've been in major journal mode. I don't want to sleep. I've made 10 since Saturday night. Woooooo! I'll post them all soon. Here's some of my favorite natural light photos (all the same instructions as above, with closeup, but with no white background...RIGHT near a window, OR outside in the sun)
"Know your light." -Janice Dickinson
Note: I have a cheap camera (like we're talking $160 2years ago). Good cameras are great, but use what your have. Your eye will take the best photos no matter what equipment you use. Also. This is just stuff I've just figured out and liked. I am not a trained photographer... so take it how you want.
Just have fun. Relax. Bring out your inner Tyra. And smile with your eyes. HOW TO UPDATE TO NEW BLOGGER VERSION: Blogger updated the template. (Everybody should do this)... in dashboard, go to 'Template', and renew your blog template (just re-choose the same one you have) NOTE: It will NOT mess up your links/format/etc...everything will stay the same. You might need to re-add your site counter but thats it. This step will make blog editing WAY easier and better. And you'll be able to change fonts and color scheme and add more things. See screenshot (tutorial here) below to see an example of the new format. (No more html editing!) Before i did this, My blog and others(Grover, Alice, AmandaRoss) would not show up properly on my Mac. This missing-update was the problem. Now, it's primo. It also eliminates the need for using something like '.' as a title.


  1. Thanks for the tips darlin! haha is this because of my ugly sofa photo's?? LOVE the journal... so pretty!! you should make art journals too... I guess it would be the same thing... but you can use watercolour paper inside and stuff! Yay!

  2. thanks - you ARE a busy bee! Love the journals! can you share some of your crafty mojo please... I need some...

  3. Oh lady! You referenced Tyra and Janice in one tutorial. You gained three more brownie points in my book! :)

  4. super-thanks. Just found your blog (I think I stopped by a long time ago) and there's so much good stuff!


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