The News & A Contest ;)

I quit my job as a Secretary today. I will work for one more month (Last day, Nov30)... And then I am FULL Time FRECKLED NEST! Everyone who knows me, knows this is my dream! come! true!!!!! Can I get a collabrotive "Yeeeeeeeee!!!!" YHA! :)
It was a really good job working where I did... but working two full time jobs was wearing me thin...and I need to spread my wings ;)
Now for the "BirdBrain" Contest...
Here's what to do:
I'm looking for great new ideas for Freckled Nest...whether it be new products or designs, suggestions, business strategies, concepts, etc.
Write yours in the comments of this post :)
The winning idea will be used and the winner will receive a *cool* prize.
(Comment as many suggestions as you have. There's no 'parameters'.) Amanda and I will co-pick the winner. Here's whats new & up and coming... - Freckled Nest hired our first employee last week. She's ubber talented, super hilarious, and my twin (1 year separation). We just giggled. She is my sister, Amanda and she is now "the Finisher". Doing all the small details at the end of totes, ie: Branding, Pattacher...(Patch Attacher), etc. I'm renaming her title. She's the Pattacher. Official. - Inka is the new Shop Keeper. She will now post Freckled Nests Etsy items :) - Kristen is designing a FN Catalogue! - is soon getting a makeover! - New products coming in January! - The FN Design Team is cooking up some cool new ideas!
- FN Christmas Gift Registry! - FN Kits :)


  1. oh leigh-ann. this is fantastic.
    i've been encouraging my mother-in-law to order gifts for people. drumming up a little business.

  2. Yayyyyy!!!! I am so happy for you!!
    Now I have to go think of some entries for the contest. Are there any parameters? Like "only scrap/embroidary related"? Otherwise, I have tons of

  3. woooohooo! Congrats girl! That must feel awesome!
    Hmmm ideas...hmmmm. I'll think on it!

  4. I'm so excited for you!!! I know you are happy to be able to focus on your true passion! Let's see...suggestions...

    1. Matching wallets for the totes
    2. Anything embroidered could offer personalized stuff and base the price on the item and what price you can find it for.
    3. Premade scrapbook pages

    That's really all I can think of!! Oh and this isn't a contest entry b/c I won the costume contest...just ideas for you!

  5. That is huge news. Way to go. I will have to devote a blog entry to good ol Freckled Nest soon :)

  6. Ok, suggestions:
    1)christmas ornaments (which doesn't really count because you already mentioned doing them again this season)
    2)Kinda like what Autumn said: some kind of personalized zipper or snap bag for makeup or scrapbook stuff - something small that could go in a purse.
    3)some type of greeting cards..could even be like a scrapbook style where the person that orders one could just put in their own photo? You're so creative though I'm sure you could rock a greeting card :)

  7. congrats on your dream come true!

    i think all the stuff you make is fabulous! especially love the little mini photobooth/yearbook albums...

    what about basket liners???

    i'm always looking for new baskets for supplies in my scrap room...would be cool to have them embroidered...

    and maybe some paper christmas stockings? i try to make some every year to fill up with goodies for my friends, but it's hard to find the time...i'm a secretary ;)

  8. Congratulations Leigh-Ann
    I wish you continued success, and may all your dreams come true.

  9. congratulations la! this is awesome news!!!

  10. How about doing embroidery on vintage bedspreads, pillow cases and tablecloths? This is time saving too because it's no-sew. I'd definately love to cary some of your cool current designs mixed with vintage flav. at Urban Nostalgia!

    Congrats on going full time! I'm sure you'll make full use of your time, but YOU NEED A STUDIO cause there's going to be a huge mess~~~

  11. Oh, I was really hoping this would be your news! I'm so happy for you that I really can't even put it in words. Congrats, LA. Love, love you!

  12. Congratulations! Yeeeeeee!!! :) I'm so excited for you!

    Embroidered kitchen towels (or aprons, curtains, cloth napkins, placemats, etc). I love the look of embroidery in a kitchen -- makes me think of both my grandmas!

    sounds so very good LA.

  14. Congratulations, That is such great news.

    What about some lovely hand embroidered Christmas stockings, as well as perhpas babys first christmas stocking or first wedding stocking? I think that would be great.

    Best of luck on your future plans

  15. Congrats Leigh-Ann!

    What about collating your designs and selling them as embroidery kits?

    And there are those books that have embroidery designs in them that can be ironed multiple times onto fabric so you can embroider over them. You could pitch a book proposal to a publisher!

  16. CONGRATULATIONS!!! THAT'S SO EXCITING! That's my personal dream also- so it's nice to see you be able to do it! You give me hope!

  17. Heck Ya!!! I'm so excited for you. Much sooner then expected which is awesome. I wanted to write yesterday but was waiting for a wave of creative ideas. Sadly the wave didn't come. The only thing that keeps popping into my head is aprons. I know it sounds boring but remember the apron Elsie blogged about earlier this year(very retro inspired)??? Something like that would be really hot! If the wave ever comes I'll be sure to share.



  18. whoooo hooooo!!!
    awesome smawsome LA!!
    be very proud of yourself and where you've come today!
    best wishes to Full Time FN!!!!!!

  19. *does a happy for leigh ann happy dance*


    So...Freckled Nest is going to be your FULL TIME JOB! WOWIEEEE!~

  20. hi its hannah i think you sounld make little birds on like school supplies if you know what i mean lol i would tottlay buy that !!

  21. uhu, I´m so happy for you!!!! Some ideas: maybe some fabric dolls, or fabric kits with dolls and her clothes, with a little bag, so the mini owner can carry and not loose all parts of this kits, LOL!

  22. :) Big Congrats to you, LA! What a wonderful thing for you!

  23. This is wonderful news!!!

    Plus look at all these wonderful ideas!

  24. Hi LA. I haven't posted anything on the next few posts - mainly because I don't know what to say. I'm praying for you and your hubby.

    What I wanted to post here was something I'd love for you to do someday:;topicseen

    On Crafster a lady has put together a book of embroidery and recently published it.


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