Freckled Nest Gift Registry

Freckled Nest has designed a Gift Registry for the upcoming Christmas Season!!
You can now create a wishlist of personalized, custom made pieces that you'd like to receive for Christmas! ...Totes, Albums and Scrapbooks!
Just fill out the registry form below, and we will keep it on file* :) Once we receive your Gift Registry, we will email you a 'postcard' so that you can print it out (or forward it) and give out to your husband, family, friends, etc. The card will have easy instructions, your name, Freckled Nest contact info and 'Order by ___ Date to receive by Christmas'.
*There is no obligation to purchase.
NOTE: You can also use these order forms to Place Your Own Order. (Please specify if you are doing this :)

HOW to Register: Just cut & paste the text below (into an email), dream & fill-in your wishlist and email it to :) Email Subject Line: 'Your Name' Gift Registry (If you prefer, we can email you the order form.) Freckled Nest Gift Registry Your Information: Your Name: Mailing Address: Do you have a blog? (For our records...) Etsy Username: Paypal Email: How did you find/hear about Freckled Nest? TOTE Order Form: Tip: To get ideas and see a selection of Totes and Bags I've made, visit our gallery here :) Also, I love the challenge of a new design! Let me know what your thinking :) 1. Title/Name on Tote: 2. Do you prefer handwritten words or block letters or polka dot letters or cottonwood font? 3. Tote or Bag? 4. Color Combo that you love. 2-3+ colors. 5. Graphic?: 6. If you have any other ideas or specifications, feel free to let me know :) TOTE Pricing: Buttons are complimentary! Base Price (automatic): TOTE: $25US or BAG: $5US Letters: Handwrittin Letters (Stitched) are $5 each {ex. Sage; 4 letters= 4x$5=$20US} Block Letters are $5 each Polka Dot Letters are $6 each Cottonwood Letters (Books Style) are $6 each Graphic: Heart/Star/Daisy/Cherries $20 Bird or Octopus $30 Five Books or Skull (2nd Skull Style) $35 Camera or Cupcake $40 Sewing Machine $50 (Other graphics are available upon request) 2nd Patch/Side (optional): $15 base plus cost of name or graphic

ALBUM Order Form:

Tip: To get ideas and see a selection of Albums I've made, visit our gallery... Book Albums and Other Album Styles :) Also, I love the challenge of a new design! Let me know what your thinking :)

1. What type of album would you like (see options/sizes below)? (ex. Book Album, Photobooth Album, Mini Album, Notebook, etc) 2. What purpose do you intend the album for? (ex. Wedding Photos, ____Gift, Favorite Photos, etc.) 3. What size of photographs do you intend to put in it (ex. 4x6, wallets, 8x10, photobooth, etc)? 4. Color Combo that you love? (2-3+ colors, the more the better) 5. Would you like a title or personalization on the cover? 6. Are you interested in the Photo Service option (see below)? 7. If you have any other ideas or specifications, feel free to let me know. ALBUM Pricing: Personalized title/cover complimentary! 7x7" Book Album: $100 8x8" Book Album: $115 9x9" Book Album: $130 10x10" Book Album $150 11x11" Book Album $175 6x12" Post Bound Scrapbook: Starting at $75 12x12" Post Bound Scrapbook: Starting at $125 Custom/Personalized Photobooth Albums: $20 Custom/Personalized Polaroid Albums: $20 Custom/Personalized Notebooks: $20 Mini Albums: (ex. Love Album, Beauty Album, etc) Starting at $60 Photo Service available at additional charge. We will fill your album with your photographs allowing you to give or receive a completely perfect album, finished and ready to enjoy :) Ask about pricing. (Varies with album styles) Info: *Prices do not include shipping. Shipping options will be available once we know the size and urgency of your order. *Ready dates vary; I will give an estimated time frame and inform you once it is ready to be shipped :) *Payment due before commission is created. **Order/Payments received by ______(I will update this)______ will be guarenteed for Christmas :) Who? If you'd like us to directly contact any of your family or friends to tell them about your Gift Registry, please include their name, relationship to you and email address. Thanks! Leigh-Ann and the Freckled Nest Team :)

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