I'm a simple girl...

This is my dream house. I walk by her every day and admire her curves, color and charm.
I wish I could tour her old halls, maybe find a secret passage way built into the hallway (I've always wanted one of those)... or an old jar of buttons... or a basement full of old man "junk". I love houses like this. I'd wanna buy her in a second if she ever went up for sale. My future dreams live in a house like this.


  1. love it.
    i want a house with a wrap around porch.

  2. I love this house. I love all older houses. We don't have too many of them in Alberta. I fell in love with a 79 year old house about 15 mins north of Grande Prairie. It's for sale and it's been completely redone it's beautiful. My husband doesn't want it. He says it's too old. I think it's got character.

  3. i love the flared lines of that roof! i also love super old houses, so much charm and history...plus they usually come with super cute old characteristics like places where they used to deliver milk bottles, or interesting mail slots, etc....my dream is to buy an old house and fix her up with some TLC!

  4. that house looks so like you LA!
    it´s sweet. :)

  5. I get it - I'm like this too :-)
    It's quite victorian - I'm gonna guess 1905.

  6. Oh me too!! We've got a bungalow built in '38 and I just love the wood, arches and glass doorknobs.

  7. Ohhh What a CUTE house!! That's similar to a brick house we used to live by and every time we drove by, we'd sigh.. ~sigh!~

    We looked at a 200 year old house that we were tempted to buy, it was within our budget, but to make it livable would cost us more than we could manage. It's still for sale, so maybe there is hope!


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