Oh my friends... THANK-YOU SO MUCH for your messages and love and great FN ideas!!! You all make me smile! Keep the ideas coming! So many good ones!!!
Kristen tweaked the FN widget... hehe, now it *blinks*!!! The html is under the widget on the sidebar... cut & paste it into your blog and show your love for Freckled Nest :) This is a tote I made a while ago. It's one of the raffle items on a Canadian Scrapbooking Cruise next week.


  1. Cute Leigh-Ann, what is the crop & cruise?
    Hope you had a good day!!!
    Love Momma :)

  2. hey beautiful!

    it was SO fun to get freckled nest mail yesterday!!!!

    I've been talking your bidness up to ALL the ladies here at work-passed out your postcards, and they are all abuzz about your personalized totes. SO GREAT!

    It's so wonderful that you are going full time. you and I are going to have to talk about getting you a bludomain site to display your wares. www.bludomain.com They are mostly photographer sites, but honestly, you can market anything...it's designed for images. I'm grabbing up one when I have the dough.

    Again, I'm so excited for you. Praying that it all FLIES!


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