3 Announcements :)

Okay everyone! Tomorrow is our Etsy Shop ONE YEAR Anniversary!! I'll be adding some of the above albums to the shop when I get home tonight :) Here's the big exciting news!... Tomorrow, for one day only.... It's a Buy Two, Get 3rd Item Free Celebration Sale!! This includes, Totes, Bags, All Albums, Custom Banners, Magnets, EVERYTHING in the shop! When you purchase 3 items, the lowest price item is free! If you buy a tote, and 2 photobooth Albums, one album is FREE! If you buy 2 totes, you can get a 3rd Tote FREE! If you buy 3 Little Yearbooks...one is free. You get it ;) *Good early Christmas shopping! And from everyone that makes a purchase tomorrow, I will do a draw. The winner will get 365 buttons! :) To receive your 3rd item free, please enter the promo code *Tweet2007* in the message section during Etsy Checkout...do not pay till I send an adjusted paypal invoice on Wednesday. Share the News :) Feel free to tell people at your blog about the sale & promo code (please link to the FreckledNest.etsy.com shop). Let me know if you do, and as a thanks I'll include a packet of fun buttons with your purchase :) And now, for the winner of the Question Contest.... Thelma! She set up the odds pretty good, lol... soooo mannnny queeestionsss! lol. Congratulations Girl!! :) And the winner of the Banner Contest is Tania :) Thanks to everyone who entered the contest! Banners will be in the shop tomorrow :) Digital Banners are $18us and Handmade Ones are $40us and we'll mail you your banner so you can use the original artwork as small signage or anything you wish. Congratulations Tania! Hope you like it :) (Tania, the purple/pink didn't save right. I'll fix it before we add it on your blog :)


  1. OMG - I can't believe I won. I'd like to thank my husband, my daughter, my son. Oh, so many people to thank for making a difference in my life. Oh hello Thelma - get back with it! THANK YOU L-A a big much. Love the prize. p.s. Congrats on the one-year etsy celebration.

  2. yah!!!!! i won!!!!! Thank you LA - don't my kids have lovely feet!!! Hee hee i am so excited - this is so cool


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