New Contest: Drawing a Blank

After 351 posts, it's happened. I'm drawing a blank on what to blog about. Hmmph! So my blog idea: Let's pretend I'm intriguing and You Ask Me Questions. Anything. And I'll answer them. And we all know I love giving away prizes, so for every question you ask... you get your name in the draw for a cute little surprise (that means I don't know what yet)... Try to ask me things I haven't talked about much... or you can give suggestions for blog posts, or new projects, contest ideas, prize ideas, photo ideas... or what you'd like to see more of...etc. Whatever you can think up :) Hey! Get it--- "DRAWING...a blank"... I didn't even try on that one! Haha :)
ps> Your questions don't have to be a seperate comment each time.
also, I dislike riddles/trivia.... I can never get them ;) (lol, Thelma)


  1. What is the name of the direct ascent of your family for the following - mother, mother's mother, mother's mother's mother (that would be "maternal" mother, grandmother, great-grandmother)? I'm a genealogist - like this kind of stuff.

  2. Besides those gorgeous glass buttons, what is your most favourite color of button?

  3. Here's a question to give out to your readers for a future contest! Ha - me telling you what to do! Unheard of! Just a suggestion. How many words can you make with the letters included in the following word: extraordinarily

    I used to love playing this with my kids when they were little - great way for them to learn words, and spell, and well - keep them occupied!

    psst - alternatively, you could just answer the question!

  4. Why was the famous Indian Chief buried way on top of the hill?

    That's a question my Dad asked me when I was little, and it has always stuck with me. I do have the answer - just curious to see what your answer is.

  5. If you had two minutes to star in the movie "Dirty Dancing" - which scene would you be in and who would you be playing? Ohhhhh, leading question - but good one!

  6. I plan on winning this contest! More questions to follow ...

    LA, I absolutely love the little photo-booth album you made for me. Thank you bigly, muchly, wonderfully.

  7. If one was talking about single, double, triple, what kind of needlework would they be talking about? And exactly what kind of needlework do you do?

  8. You have been selected to represent Canada at the next Pan American Games, just by the sheer number of nominations put forward on your behalf! What sport would you be participating in?

  9. You have only a 8' x 8' plot of really great soil to plant a garden in. What would you plant in it and why?

  10. <{[(13+1)/2]x3}-1>x0 = ?

    I used to love mathematical problems like this ... excelled in school. Seems like I never had to use them once I was out of school. What the heck was that!

    So, what's the answer for the equation?

  11. They have just concocted a completely different shade of blue in your honour - what would the name of that colour be?

  12. You know that song "too sexy...on the boardwalk" (do I even have the words right? Anyway, there you are out on the runway - what on earth is that that you are modelling?

  13. 1958 was a very famous year - it was the year I was born! But besides that, it (and the it does not relate to me) really was famous for Winnipeg - why?

  14. My mother used to say this. My daughter picked it up like when she first learned to talk! And so did her other granddaughters.

    Bo-oh-zha, Bo-oh-zha, Bo-oh-zha.

    Always in threes. What does it mean?

  15. If you were on Hero's, what power would you have (not what character but what original power would form in you?).

  16. Who is your favorite mr.rooter man?

  17. Hey t-bone! This contest is mine!

    .... 'night you two!

  18. Catching up...

    I think a kit would be great for the crafting idea. I would be interested in something like that. With 3 little ones, it's hard to shop for individual items to make 1 project and I find myself going to the ready-to-make kits. Kind of universal some of those kits are and getting something unusual to make would be neat-o!

    A question: What made you cut off your lovely hair? Your wedding pics were beautiful. (Not that you aren't beautiful now.. LOVE that pix of you in the sidebar!):o)

  19. Ok...I'll join in. If you were going to have a dinner part and could invite 3 famoous people, who would they be and why?

    If you could have 1 day to spend with any person, alive or dead, who would it be?

  20. if we went to a karaoke bar together, what song would you choose to sing?

    what is your most favorite craft/layout you ever made?

    is the glass half empty...or half full?

    if you had to choose one of the girls from sex & the city that is most like you, who would it be and why?

    what is your most embarrassing memory?

  21. hmmmm....i have read all these questions and now I am drawing a blank....i can't think of a thing to ask........hopefully i'll be back! :)

  22. i think the answer to thelma's math equation is 20??? am i right thelma??

    if you could spend the whole day scrapbooking with your favorite famous designer, who would it be?

    ...and let's get right to business.....

    how many babies do you and Tys want to have?

    when will the babies be coming?

    do you want a boy or a girl first?

    what will you name your babies?

    is your mom anxious to be a grandma?

    what's the first thing you will make for your first baby?

    do you know how much diapers for a year will cost you and tys? ( presuming you might be using disposable ones...)

    did you make arrangements with your sister to 'borrow' your nieces baby clothes and accessories when your turn comes?

    no pressure LA and Tys....wink!!

  23. Do you like nutella?

    Did you take "home ec" in high school?

    When you eat your you eat the red ones last? :-)

    Magazines--do you read from front to back, back to front (i am a back to fronter) or do you flip thru and read randomly?

    Your getting a plane today--where are you going?

    Did you watch Beachcombers, Danger Bay or Mork & Mindy as child?

    K..that's all for now!

  24. Spiderman? Superman? OR Batman?

    cheesecake or ice cream?

    color photography or B&W?

    Simpsons or Southpark?

    Flintstones or Jetsons?

    flying or driving?

    skirts or pants?

    barefoot or shoes?

    morning or night?

    ducks or GEESE...(choose wisely! HA!)

  25. When will freckled nest have new stuff on etsy? What's your favorite animal? Do you like gnomes? Are your toes painted right now? What color?

    Thanks for allowing my ADD brain to get a break from work! :-)

  26. Nope Kim - the answer is 0. Any time there is an equation (regardless of the no. of brackets, etc.) look for the last quest which was x 0 (which is "outside" of the brackets) - the answer will always be 0.

    But hey Kim, I'm with you. When - please please please - LA and Mr Roto - can we be Aunties? Hmmmmmmmmm?

  27. Okay - I have another question just now, and then I'm thinking "Thelma, LA probably wasn't even born yet!" So, this question is out to those who would know the answer. Where were you when you heard that Elvis died?

    I was with my maid-of-honour having supper and the waitress said something about it and I like went "whatttttt" - the icon I grew up with was gone. I was very, very quiet for the rest of the evening. Yeah right, like I'm a rowdy gal at the best of times - not! I couldn't believe how that hit me. But you know, growing up on a farm and getting limited TV (3 channels and 1 was a no go - French!) and the radio as entertainment - well, Elvis was the King you know.

  28. Seriously though LA, here's my question: what things inspire you or get your creative senses going?

    Okay, the Aunties question was serious too!

  29. If you were a chocolate which taste would you be?

    Would you like to be a judge in Project Runway or Top Model? ;)


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