Contest for Blog People

I'm home for the weekend and will be in the Studio. Soon, I'm going to add Custom Blog and Etsy Banners to my Etsy Shop... but I need some samples. If you'd like me to make a banner for you...Leave your name/blog name/email in the comments and I will select 1 or 2 people to make banners for this weekend :)
*If you need help putting it on your blog, no problem :)
*You can suggest style ideas if you win :)
*It's okay if you've won FN Contests before, you can still enter :)
*I'll be adding some new goodies to the Etsy shop this weekend too :)
*NOTE: New post below & FFF's later today :)
Here's some of the banners I've made :)
(Note: 1 & 2 are handmade then scanned, 3 & 4 are digital ...both options will be available in the Shop... and Lacey and I made the Birds on a Wire one together :)
Etsy Size Banner:


  1. oh i would like to win! As you know i am new to all this and can't figure out how to change my banner with out Owen's help and he is super stressed with school. I want a nice autumny banner or maybe one with my kids feet or our family or somethin' My name is Tania, my email is and my blog is Making it You knew all that but i like to follow the rules. Love you!!
    PS how nice to have the weekend in your studio!! I am making paper bag albums with 11 girls!!Pray for me!!

  2. I don't need one, but my favorite by far is the #2. You have wicked handwritting, better than any font. Plus, the placement and color is superior to the others. That one will really get people excited about what you can do for them. It's extra special that it's hand created too. Wouldn't it be cool to offer customers the original artwork as small signage or to use as they wish in the future?

  3. Wow - what a GREAT idea - since I am new to the blogosphere this would be super.

    happy creating!

  4. I´d love to get one as well. I don´t have anything on my blog at the moment. And it looks a bit pale..
    So, my blog is Inka´s blog for friends and my e-mail is
    (but you knew these already ;))

    LA Ink(a) :)

  5. I absolutely LOVE 1 and 2. I think I like the simplicity of the first one though. I would love my very own blog banner! The problem is, I spend more time checking out other people's than updating my own.
    The goal of mine was to document the day to day antics of my kids. And the craziness of our busy lives. Maybe a banner could inspire me to really work on the blog! Count me in anyway!

  6. I have been desperate for one since I started my blogspot blog. I was actually going to ask you how you do it...but this is better since you are super creative and I'm mostly creatively challenged :)

  7. oo i hope i win! i hate my current blog banner...
    lisa marie
    blog name: the loveliest bloom

  8. I would love to win... I am looking at changing the colors of my blog and with your talent I am sure it would be awesome!

    Pick me pick me pick me


  9. I have already won a GREAT FN contest though.... =(

    Maybe I can get a free one with my tote I am buying! LOL

  10. my blog needs your help! love your banners!

  11. Cool contest! My blog is desperately in need of some decoration -- and a better name, but I'm sure that will come in time! :) I really hope I win -- your banners are so nifty-cute! :)

  12. I would love to have a new banner for my blog! I seriously neglect my blog way too much! Maybe if I have a stylish new banner I will pay more attention to it?!

    Dani Perry
    Dani Daily:

  13. I am so blog-banner challenged. We even talked about this back in March and I still haven't done anything on it. I need help :)


    Right now it just says "Kelly's blog". I would love to have something more original. I don't need photos of the kid/fam in the banner since I have them all over my blog. I was thinking of something along the lines of "Life is Short" and then overlaying key words like "Live, Laugh, Love, etc. Totally open for suggestions though. I know you weren't wild about my original idea...

    Did I say "Pick me, pick me!"

  14. Love them all! You're sooooo talented and I'd be honoured to have a LAK original blog banner.
    Nuff said!

  15. I would love to be the winner of this contest. I am so creatively blog challenged that I should not even be allowed on Blogger. I love your page and I am always entertained when I visit. Thanks for all of the laughs.

  16. Yey!!! What a cool and fun contest!

    I would looooove to get a banner made by you. I´m basically clueless when it comes to computers and I don´t even own a scanner. So I could use the help!

    Love your blog and your stuff on etsy. I´ve been wanting one of your totes now for a long time. They are so beautiful!

  17. wow LA - everyone wants a bit of you hey? Told you - you are famous!!

  18. i am so late but i would love a banner :) pretty please :)


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