This Weekend


After work, I packed up some card making supplies (a kit I got for Christmas) and went to my friend Juanita's house. I planned a girls night for me and her daughter; my 6 year old friend, Alexa. It was recently her birthday, and we celebrated! We made this pile of cards together (for her future parties, and notes to her friends)
*TIP* This card kit is from Costco ($20cdn). It had EVERYTHING to make 48 cards (no tools/glue needed)! With LOTS of girly fun embellishments, Alexa loved the selection and it was fun and easy to make the cards. We freestyled. Now she has lots of cards on hand for parties, and it was a fun fun craft project :) Worth it for sure!

After over-embellishing our butts off, we headed to the mall for a surprise :) Alexa's first photobooth experience!!! She was SO cute!!! She kept wanting to do the same pose (fingers beside her smile)... it was pretty adorable! We did three strips, and she naturally waited for the photos like i do. I shed a little proud invisible tear ;)

Then of course, we sugared up with Sundaes :)
Alexa said, "Miss.Leigh-Ann, I had a lot of fun tonight :) Thank-you *gooey*smile*. Here are six things that I liked most: (she really listed it, lol, just like i do) Making the cards, playing with you, driving in your car, going to the photo machine, being just girls---nooo boys, and ice cream! This is like a date." She really is the most special 6 year old I know.

And for her birthday present, I made her a Ballerina Style Photobooth Album with room for more Photobooth pics :) I suggested she ask her brothers to go in with her, and her mom and dad. She was pretty giddy at those ideas. Mini-me ;)


  1. What a weekend you´ve had!! :)
    So much going on. I really loved your Friday. It must have been sooo nice to be with this amazing little girl.
    The photobooth album you made for her is sa-weet. :)

  2. The photobooth trip looked awesome. Love the pics and that bowl with Orange circles is FAB.

  3. A pyrex set of 4 in that pattern goes for around $90, fyi :-) You had a full weekend. I WISH i had a baby sitter like you when I was a kid. Your neices have alot to look forward to. That wall paper looked just like scrapping paper. What diner plates are you looking for, I'll look for them in my hunts if you'd like :-)

  4. how fun!! I lvoe the photobooth pics and can't wait to see your annoucement! :)

  5. MARCH RIGHT BACK AND BUY THAT BOWL!!! NOW! why are you still here? SHOO!! :o)

    Sounds like you had a great weekend!!

  6. wow! i love all the connecting you did this weekend. I think that your run down of each day was a fantastic monday post and i might steal your idea from time to time.


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