Todays Big Etsy Sale holds for you: 12 Photobooth Albums + 13 Tiny Photobooth Albums + 12 Little Yearbook Albums + 2 Polaroid Albums + Dig(ital) Banners + Handmade Banners + Custom Totes + Custom Bags + 7 Other Things = 48 Pretty Things in OUR SHOP!!! Schmoley!!! Take a look through all FOUR pages, theres LOTS of new things :) TODAY, Purchase 2 items and get a 3rd item FREE!!! *Lowest price item is free :) (No shipping charges on third item) And don't forget, everyone who makes a purchase today...WILL BE ENTERED IN THE DRAW TO WIN 365 BUTTONS!!!! Loves, Leigh-Ann I love me some houndstooth; I couldn't part with this one...and made into my official Blog Friends Photobooth Album :) Inka, Tania and Hannah are in it so far :)


  1. You're advertised on my blog today! Hope it sends some business your way! Happy Etsy-versary! :-)

  2. ooh i love me some hot right now! i gotta find me some paper like that!

  3. hey LA...happy 1 year Etsy!!
    your albums are really, really cute!!
    i noticed that you have used some love elsie stuff...if you're running low, i got TONS of her stuff in now!!
    keep kickin' up yer heels!!!

  4. Happy Anniversary Freckled Nest!!! Glad you were created a year ago! I can't imagine life without Leigh-Ann

  5. Happy Anniversary!! :)

    That photobooth album is so coo. I´m glad I get to be a part of it.
    And with some other amazing ladies! (ie Tania and Hannah) :)


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