4 Stories: Old Photos

This weeks topic is "Old Photos".

One. Flea Markets
Four years ago, a friend and I were at the Flea Market and we found a set of 5 small albums documenting a couples 2 month honeymoon in the late 1930's (estimated). My friend bought the set and we pieced together the story through the photo albums... three interesting points: they traveled on the original Queen Mary, the groom looked quite wealthy, always held a cigar and the new brides wardrobe through the photos was extensive and beautiful. It was a really interesting find and totally gave us a look back in time... but we always wondered why the family didn't hold on to such a love gem. 

Two. Isn't it weird
(More of a thought/observation than a story) Isn't it weird how much photography and the production has changed overtime? Even looking at my childhood photos, they're so brown, small and not naturally lit (but still really great). At antique stores, I see photos in cute little folders with the year stamped along the side, or a border around the image or a decorative edge on the photo print. People also posed so much back in the day and rarely smiled (probably because of the photography method) and over time, how people have loosened up in photos. The culture of photography has changed so much, I wonder if there's much more that can change in the future?

Three. Ma Mere
In my grandmas house (Dad's mom), there is a picture of a beautiful woman on the kitchen wall. As a little girl, I thought she was the photo that came with the frame because it was that type of amazing photo. I asked about the photo and it's light carved wood frame one day and grandma lit up. It's a photo of her mother "Ma Mere" and ever since, she has told me (and our family) many wonderful stories about Ma Mere. My favorite is that Ma Mere had her first perm done for that photo. Grandma once took the frame off the wall and wrote me a message on the paper back, dedicating it to me when someday she passes. I'm honored to appreciate Ma Mere in my home someday, christened with Grandma's love and handwriting on the back :)

Four. Photobooth Drawer
Since I was 16 (and once as a kid), I've loved photobooths! I become a hyper cookie when I'm out with a friend and we pass a photobooth... but I'm horrible at splitting/sharing the strip so I always pay for them so I can keep all 4, lol. When I got my new buffet a few months ago, I reserved a drawer just for all my photobooth pictures and it feels like a snapshot journey through my life & friendships. I light up everytime I open it :)

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  1. I also share a deep love for photobooths! Love your blog so much - XO.

  2. Here are my 4 Stories! This one was easy, since it is something so close to my heart! Thanks! Enjoy the blizzard that is now in Winnipeg! I am from Fargo, but studying in Spain. So I hear about it and rue the day in Jan I return.


  3. I love your drawer idea! I have all my pictures strewn about and I usually find them randomly and get really excited. Keeping them in a drawer would make so much more sense. Or at least one spot BIG enough to hold them all =]

    Also. I have also noticed your observation. Pictures from early in my parents' marriage are brown and dingy looking. And they're so small! Like 3x3 or something like that! I still like looking at them because that seems to just give them more character.

    Here's my participation: http://lalaalovely.blogspot.com/2010/11/four-stories_22.html.


  4. i love love photobooths. i will definitely have one at my wedding, and i would consider in investing in one in my house.

    i think it is so hilarious to look back at my one's from 4th grade limited too, if anyone remembers their photo booths. i was such a dork!

  5. Freckled Nest is da bomb! Booyakasha! :)

  6. awww! I live in Long Beach were the Queen Mary's been stationed for like, EVER! LOL! No, but seriously. I love going to visit. It's so pretty and mirrors the type of city we are. (Art Deco everywhere) We used to also have the spruce goose as well until it got moved up north to oregon. It was kept in that white domed building behind the tail section of the QM in that wikipedia photo.

  7. I loved the story of "Ma mere" and share the same thoughts about the changing in photography in such a few years.
    Here are my 4 stories:

    Have a nice day!

  8. Your #1 made me thing of this: We recently went through family photos at a reunion and have a bunch of our families great great aunts and uncles photos, who, in current time, apparently don't like my family very much because we own the business that they work for. I think it is interesting that we have the photos. And more interestingly, that my family that still runs the business is going to give back the albums as a little bit of a piece offering like "hey, remember that back in the day we were all one family." Weird. Well, I also posted - here's my contribution. Thanks for the fun


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