4 Stories: Swimming

I'd like to introduce you to Freckled Nest's new Group Blog Series called 4 Stories. Every weekend, I'll announce a topic and share my 4 stories that relate to it... and you're invited to join me that week and blog four of your stories about the same topic & link to it in the comments... we can Group Blog! 
Everyone is welcome :)

This weeks topic is "Swimming".

one. Swimming Lessons
I wouldn't categorize myself as the "athletic type"... I lack coordination, didn't understand sports and was horrible at dance and gymnastics (super funny and awkward to watch, back then and to this day), so my extra curricular options were limited. Mom and Dad wanted us to be safe at the beach & pool so they signed us up for swimming lessons. I was so happy... I loved being in the water, picking out a swimsuit every season and gliding through the water like a seal. As I grew up, I went through the color levels earning my badges and felt like I was excelling at something :) I wanted to be a life guard, marine biologist and swimsuit designer and I felt the best when I was in the water. When I was 16, I registered for Diving Lessons and showed up for level one a little late in the game. I was surrounded by nine and ten year olds and a cute 19 year old teacher "Dave"... I was a nervous wreck, lol!

two. Grandma and Grandpa's Pool
My Grandparents live in the country in a home they built from the ground up and they installed an amazing underground pool in the backyard (that my Grandpa dug out by hand!) so that the grandkids would have fun! The first time the pool was filled (with ground-cold well water), we were MAJORLY excited to jump in; there was no ladder, no heater and no fear! We climbed in with that shoulders scrunched, arms not going in the water, slow motion tip-toeing walk you get to raise your body up from the cold water a bit and hiding our chattering teeth-- we wanted to swim so bad!! That pool gave us so much fun over the years, there was kids pool parties every weekend, ring diving, soaking with Grandma, holding your breath contests, fashion shows on the deck, helping grandpa clean the pool, playing mama and baby whale with my sister and a few 'skinny dips' when it was just the girls (or awkwardly around my brother, lol). That pool is one of my favorite childhood memories!

three. Canada Day Fireworks
Lol... a few years ago on Canada Day, Keith brought fireworks out to the cabin. Mom had made margaritas and we were all getting a "bit giggly". Mom, Kody, Amanda, Matt, Keith & I walked down to the beach with drinks in hand (cabin style) and set off the fireworks, laughing our faces off and cheering! Once they were done, Keith and Matt were all of a sudden stripping to their skivvies, running into the water! Amanda and I said, YAAAA, let's go too! We were down to our bras and underwear running into the water with only the stars lighting our way. We swam, floated looking at the stars and Keith & I snuggled in the water... it was one of the most magical moments ever :) When it was time to get out, I realized I was quite tipsy (my first time every being drunk) and I was having the hardest time getting out of the water with the combination of the waves, rocks under my feet and said tipsyness. I fell over at least 10 times, laughing and everyone laughing at me... so tricky!!

four. Diving for treasure at Big Whiteshell
My family went on a week long camping trip at Big Whiteshell Campground and I was at the prime of my swimming obsession. I had snorkel gear, flippers, multiple bathing suit options, and pretty much thought I should live in the water. There was a huge dock and I quickly discovered that there was an incredible amount of treasures surrounding it underwater. I spent the whole week diving for old bottles, awesome fishing hooks, money, weird lost items and anything I could find. It was so fun and the regular campers would stop by daily to see what the days finds were. I'd see fish as I was swimming underwater (one swam into my leg, so freaky) and I met lots of neat people :) By the end of that week, I could hold my breath for over 2 minutes, had an amazing tan and an adventure that suited my soul :)

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    It's kinda lame since I never really swim much....

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    It was such a fun way to start my day off!

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  8. so funny!
    i love #4. would make awesome inspiration for a children's book :O)
    also, i feel like a pain mentioning this, but i left a Q. on the home ec blog- computer case project- if you have time to look at it:O)

  9. Fun idea AND I had that same swimsuit - it was totally perfect b/c it hit right during my turquoise and black phase - I think I STILL love that color combo! :)

  10. I love this idea too! Definitely participating.


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  12. Rad idea LA! I love the concept all around. Ps. You're my favorite something. love ya!

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