it's Haturday!

Almost every Saturday, I sleep in way too late and get up quickly to head downtown with Keith for our Saturday date (we go thrifting, flea market and grab lunch at Opa, our favorite place in the mall foodcourt). This rushed beginning always results in a hat and today, I renamed it "Haturaday" ;)
My favorite part about Saturdays is our detour past the trainyard (logan and main). I always take this route because it reminds me of my dad, who is an electrician at the train station... but as a kid, I thought he built trains all by himself. He's a train hero in my child mind :) We also grew up taking vacations every summer on the VIA train (Mom would take us 3 to Edmonton and Vancouver to see our family, and it is one of my very favorite childhood memories!).
Anyways, the main reason I love THIS train yard is because when we drive by, Keith and I park and yell "HEY" at the top of our lungs over and over until the birds fly around. My most magical moment in life is when birds fly in swarms and change direction all together, repeatedly. It's a gasper! And this place guarantees me a magic fill :) It's my very very favorite place in Winnipeg :)
We're on my way there now. Today, I'm looking for the perfect gift for Olivia and Kennedy... it's their birthday tomorrow and I know they'll appreciate a special vintage toy. I'm also giving them a 6 color collection of buttons on a carousel.  Lala's trained them well, even at four ;)
Time to get my hat on, bye! :)
ps. 4 Stories coming tomorrow. FF will resume next Friday.


  1. Opa! is my favorite place too.

  2. I think the reason that you thought Dad BUILT the whole train is because whenever the trains go by while we are waiting to cross, he'd look at the number and always say "#----, I worked on that one and that one" and made us believe that he worked on each one.
    I miss our train trips. :(
    I also think its amazing that the birds will all fly in the same direction without crashing into each other.
    (And while we are on this, why do cows always stand facing the same direction in the pasture??)

  3. love that you thought your dad made the trains himself. very sweet <3

  4. I LOVE this. It's always the little pieces of us and places and songs that make us who we are...the connections & stories that remind us of moments in time. Thank you for sharing one of yours with us!

    P.S. I love haturday!! :)

  5. I love when birds change directions all at the same time! Always mesmerizes me! Cute hat =-)

  6. I love that you both yell at the top of your lungs. Such a wonderful image..thanks for sharing

  7. Haturday! Ha! Love it. I'm totally stealing that.

    ♥ Rebecca Jean
    Midnight Maniac

  8. Wonderful memories to look back on and traditions to carry on. Love it! =)


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