Rainbows and Butterflies

This weekend was Olivia and Kennedy's fourth birthday :) I tried to pick out vintage toys for them but couldn't find things in two so I hit up ToysRus where Aunty went a little overboard and came home with enough for birthday, christmas and extra toys for there toybin at my house. My favorite gift for them was new butterfly wings; they have a pair that's pretty much an extension of Kennedy's body but it was getting worn out & Olivia needed a pair too. When they opened them up, they were so excited-- it was perfect :) Once the guests left, we fluttered around the gym (where the party was) like 3 butterflies, really unspoken and sweet. I love them so much and their birthday party was really fun and adorable :)
Amanda used Kyla's recipe and made this tasty Rainbow Layered Birthday Cake.
Happy Birthday Girls!


  1. I can just picture you, so sweet! What a great Aunt you are!


  2. cuties!
    did you know that Target has a line of vintage toy remakes? they are super cute! but.... is there Target in Canada?

  3. i LOVE that the pictures are always of their backs...

  4. CUUUUUTIE cute cute. i love the rainbow!

  5. Aaaw - cute! What a rad gift - you're the best auntie ever!! :)


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