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Jill and I went to see Sex and the City 2 this week on opening night... and I LOVE LOVE LOVED IT!!! The theater was filled with women dressed up like they were part of the movie (glamorous) and there was a big giddy hype in the room... it reminded me of the vibe when I saw Dirty Dancing on the 20th Anniversary at theaters a few years ago :)
I remember clapping during the movie I was having so much fun, I laughed lots, smiled the whole time and leaned into Jill's shoulder in pure excitement like, 5 times! :) I liked it better than the first SATC movie and though some critics didn't give SATC2 good reviews or complained about certain details... I majorly loved it (except, it was missing a lot of the sex and 'shockers' that it had on HBO).
Samantha was HILARIOUS, Charlotte came down to earth, Miranda caught her style up to the others and Carrie was Carrie :) And AIDEN WAS IN IT!! If you're a fan of Sex and the City, you should defiantly see this movie! I'm going again this week with my sister and am so excited to relive the adventure :) Did you love it too?? :)
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  1. i loved it, too. and i think i maybe liked it better than the first one. i wanted to dress up right at the cinema :)

  2. Yikes! I loved the show but hated both movies. I feel like they've taken all that was good about the show and kind of ruined it. I almost feel like they've ruined the television show and characters for me forever... Plus, didn't you find the whole portrayl of Orientalism a little stereotypical and disturbing? Blergh!

    Ah well, to each their own. I love your blog though!

  3. I went too....felt a little under dressed in my twisted sister baseball tee and cut off shorts. It was high heels for

  4. I went to see the movie today and totally fell in love with it. I did enjoy it more then the first one and at times caught myself being the only one laughing in the theater :) Would definately see it again!!!

  5. I loved it too! It was a perfect date with my girls and was followed by a bellini to celebrate... being girls!

  6. My favorite part of the movie was the beginning where Carrie explains sort of how they all came together and showed what they looked like back in the 80s. That was never eally explained in the series.

  7. That was funny - i kind of wished there was more of that before stuff. I had lots of fun! XO

  8. I agree. I LOVED it more than the first! With all the costume changes, funny one-line zingers and such a cinematic back drop in Morocco (where they filmed the Abu Dabi scenes) it made for such a fun movie to watch! I saw it in the theater where they filmed the movie premiere scene too, AMAZING!

  9. haven't seen it yet and can't wait! Maybe I will have to take myself on a date and see it, though sounds like I might need a shoulder to lean into!

  10. YES! I loved it! The theater in Orange County California had that same exact vibe and was filled with girls in heels and dresses. Everyone clapped and cheered both at the beginning and ending. <3


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