Thursday goals

I have a fun field trip of events today...
* Drop off car to get fixed
* Pick out cute rental car
* Possible thrift visit
* Maybe pick up my other glasses (I've got one pair so far)
* Supper with my friend Courtney
* Buying Mocs at the Mall
* Sex and the City 2 with Jill (premiere night!!)
* Work when I get home :)
These windows are the prettiest!! We took Momma to this cafe/baked shop on Mother's Day and we all instantly fell in love! Even the website is cute :) Gotta run, have a great day!! xo.
ps. Fierce and Love. and if you know what that means, I love you even more ;)


  1. he he. Fierce and love! Dude. My fave to watch after work, or while working at home (I almost said after school! lol). And have a fun day! Sounds rad - it would be hard to work after that, though - specially the movie!! :)

  2. lol trya banks!!!! loves it watching it right now!!!! fierce and love!!!!

  3. its kinda depressing that its ending isnt it it always made my day!!!

  4. Sounds like a fun day! Enjoy it!

  5. Cuuuute! Oh and I saw SATC2 with my girls last night at midnight and it was fabulous. Let me know how you like it :)


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