we saw it :]

I saw Sex and the City (which i usually accidently call Sex in the City)last Thursday with Amanda! HOLY SCHMOLY! MAN! I loved it! LOVED IT! We loved it! I had not seen any spoilers... so i was gasping a few times (lots of surprises)! (Note: Don't click the links if you haven't seen it yet. You'll enjoy the movie even more if you don't know stuff) Me and Amanda squeezed knees through out the movie...and giggled, and cryed...and laughed...and drooled over the wardrobes (loved the closet montage...and the way she danced in this!)...and felt so happy to be there together. This was my favorite outfit :] (and this) (and this scene made us laugh so much...we cried). A few other things... Joe the Pro is superb! Him and I renovated Freckled Nest this weekend! And he made all my blog dreams come true!! THANKS JOE!!! Note: All the things in the sidebars (except the robot) are buttons... click em :) Q. Do you have any other ideas/suggestions for my blog? My work goals this week... tutorial for upcoming Freckled Nest Summer Kit, make lots of new things for my Shop, Etsy Banner for Lacy, 6x6" album for Momma, and do some planning and dreaming and designing :) Keith and I went to the beach yesterday...then Fun Mountain Waterslide Park :) My boyfriend is so much FUN! Majorly in love love love :) Have a great Monday everyone!!! LALA :)


  1. OMG... I love the blog!!!!
    Great colors!

    Do you mind if I use the woodgrain as my laptop wallpaper?

    The movie was great. I did enjoy myself!

    Talk to you soon.

  2. i still haven´t seen the sex and the city... but i will go and see it the first night it comes to toijala. :)
    after that i can see your links. hihi.

  3. The site looks very slick. Great job on the colors!!! I love the woodgrain.

    I went to the beach too on Sunday and froze my ass off. We didn't get to go swimming.

    Sex and the City was so much fun, I could watch it over and over just like the series, I knew you'd love it!

  4. beautiful dahling, simply beautiful.

  5. Love love love the new look and the buttons are sup-dup. Am equally excited to see Sex and the City (and with you on the 'in' slip-up) and then I'll have to remind myself to go back and see your favs. I'm already drooling over the shoes in that picture and that's only looking at them from the back. Man do I love S&TC.

  6. Your blog looks SO cute! You guys did a great job!

  7. LoVe YoUr NeW BlOg!!!!

    Ok I feel really, really, really dumb! I didn't watch Sex AND the City from the beginning, so I rented all of it on DVD and watched it a year or so ago. I just realized when reading your blog that it is Sex And the City. I'm not kidding, I just asked my huband, did you know it wasn't Sex IN the City? Seriously how could I have not noticed that. DUH

  8. Really like the new look of your blog Leigh-Ann, didn't think I would like the blue woodgrain, but its really CUTE. You did a great job!!!

    Love Momma

  9. I cant wait to own that movie!!!!!!!!! I didnt realize that the links were buttons, what a fun idea!!! Love it!


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