I'm falling in love with Keith! He's making me giggle like a kid again, and every day is better and better :) eeeeeeeeeeee!!!
Tomorrow, I will post this surprise item in my etsy. I only have 2...so keep watching :) ..... - This picture makes me feel very inspired, - I'm behind on my emails, I will catch up on Thursday - Tonight I broke my rule about going to bed by 1am. And I changed the time of this post so Mom and Amanda don't get after me ;) - Tom is a cat. Official. - Congratulations Holly!!! You fit RVA perfectly, I'm so happy for you! :) - I still haven't picked a favorite on Big Brother. I think I like the tattoo girl, and not the muscle guy. Gag. - Tie Cuffs will be in the shop soon too :) I refined the design and now I'm really really happy with them :) And I made one for Keith! eeek! - The Loft in finished...


  1. Yay! I'm glad things are falling back into place for you :) And I love the loft! I want one! The kitty totally makes the picture.

  2. =) This post makes me very happy. Looove the loft! And my fave is the tattoo girl, Lydia. I was not going to watch it this season if she didn't get vetoed off the block last nite!!! lol

  3. hooray :) im really glad to hear things are getting better for you!! and i would like to steal your loft, though i think it's a bit too big to fit under my top...hope this happiness keeps up :D

  4. That's awesome that things are going well for you again! It's nice to hear you sound so happy.

    Wish I had a loft!

  5. I can't pick my favorite either...but the muscle guy....EWWWWWWW! Super gross.

  6. Maybe you shouldn't write it in your blog that you broke the rule, you know your Mom reads them all. You probably went to bed around 4 a.m., RIGHT!!!!!!

    The muscle guy was just OK before until he acted like a total jerk to Jeff last night, who I really like along with the blond girl Jordan, I think there will be a romance soon. I think Russel and Jessie's heads are going to pop soon, they think they are the smartest in the house.

    Love Momma

  7. i am sooo happy things are good for you and keith, you're one of my favorite couples, you know, from internet land :]

    and the loft is sooo cute.i must have one of these when i'm a grown up.

  8. LA!

    I'm So happy about this post I can't tell you enough, butterflies in my tummy for you :D

    I need whatever that item is. "oh shoot" is the cutest thing ever. Also tie cuffs; Not going to lie prrreeeety excited.

    Also your mail has not been sent cause it just got BETTER! soon soon soon.


  9. I had a great night last night too hun :) I love you so much! My legs look soooo hairy in that pic and my head shadow is a funny shape LOL. I am looking forward to our day today and to our date on friday. (R.I.P MJ 1958-2009)

  10. This post makes me so happy! You are a lucky girl (& Keith's THE luckiest guy in the world!) & I'm so glad you've got those little butterflies zooming 'round your tum!

    I can't wait to get one of those tie cuffs!! (Or maybe 2!) :D


  11. hi darling!! love tom and want to roll on the grass with him ;)

    my fav on BB is also Lydia! I really dislike the girl with big boobs and the muscle guys! blah! throwup in my mouth!

    love how all the tie cuffs turned out! i have been trying to make my own too...but yours are much more lovelier!

    glad everything is doing good for you, i think of you often!

  12. Dude! Thosr cuffs are such a fab idea. :) Lovely, lovely. There's something about tie fabrics/patterns I swoon over.


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