Craft Sale Tonight

Costume Museum (109 Pacific Ave) Winnipeg Tonight, 6-8pm Stop by, shop cute handmade things and say hiiiii :) *Whoever wants to bring me a Starbucks extra hot Caramel Latte gets a free Tie Cuff ;) ps. Whatevers left of these Tie Cuffs will be in the Shop tomorrow :) I'm putting 2 in today just for fun (the polka dot one, and the grey plaid one) $6each. pps. It's a Camera Strap Sleeve :)


  1. I would've totally come, but my David is coming home from a business trip tonight and I don't want to share! Hope you have a great time and sell lots!

  2. I was gonna pounce on the two in the shop, but I'll wait to see if you have any left-overs tomorrow -- so I can do it all in one transaction ;D

    Good luck tonight!! I wish I could go!

  3. I so just got the strap and the polka dot cuff. The one I adored from the beginning.

    I have been sneaking on here all day at the office so I wouldn't miss this.

    Thanks LA!!

  4. Ohhhh the costume!
    I work right by there and we go on lunch breaks to visit the good stuff they have in the store :-) I hope you sell lots of crafty things!

    The strap is awesome! I would love one..but I only seem to use my Elph these days..I think my elph would seem so tiny with a strap like that {giggle}..maybe I need to pull out the big daddy every once in a while and shoot with it.

    Happy Wednesday :-)

  5. Augh- I am in LOVE with the tie cuffs- what a genius idea!! Leigh-Ann, you're brilliant! -e

  6. Oh shoot!? That is adorable!!

    Hope everything goes well girl. xx

  7. That was a SERIOUS bin of buttons. Pretty much the largest collection I've ever seen. I think you had a mini O.

    Your shop looks so colorful and full! Yay!

  8. Hope the craft sale went well!! Love the cuffs and that camera strap is so cute :)


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