It's happening :)

Last year Dad and I dreamed up this idea to build an elevated fort in the sunroom for the kids to play :) It's raining at the lake today so Kody and Dad started this cool indoor project :] Lol, I don't know if it's strong enough Dad ;) Kode iPhones me funny/update pictures all weekend when he's at the Cabin :] Today I got one of Dad in the Kitchen titled "Dad's Eating Mixed Nuts by the Heaping Handful" fave, lol! I think Mom captured a sneak attack tittytwister, lol! I'm going out to the lake this week & i can't wait to play in the fort! :) PS> I'm still having trouble with my internet so my Etsy update is happening, but very slowly. It's getting fixed Monday so after that, full force update! :)


  1. This makes me want to be a kiddo again! People are this handy with a hammer impress me! Have fun!

  2. every now and then to cheer me up my boyfriend will have a huge blanket fort set up in the living room waiting for me when i get home from work.

    forts are the best!


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