I've been a busy bee :)

I made lots of new things this weekend :] I'm in a Guerrilla Trunk Sale with 12 other Winnipeg Etsyers this Wednesday... check here Wednesday for a details post of the surprise Winnipeg Location :) Plus, I'm adding things to the shop week :) It's a big update :) I asked Keith if I use too many smilies, and he said no. I love that :) In this post alone, I've naturally used ELEVEN! I feel snobby if I don't smiley ;) A few people were asking what Mom does with the Starbucks cards. She just started collecting them... her friend SueAnn told her about them on ebay and got her hooked... It's pretty cute :) Heading to Mom's right now to borrow a snap binding tool :) Olivia and Kennedy are there right now, can't wait to see them :) And I'll makeup for my bad babysitting experience last week. The girls said they could go to the toilet by themselves...and there was a little mishap, and Amanda informed me later that they're not allowed, they were being a little sneeky ;)


  1. I feel like I have to use smilies too -- or I seem TOO serious :) Haha!! Isn't that funny?! :D

    New stuff in your shop!? Oh you better have some cuffs, girlie!! ;)


    PS. I both love & hate that you keep your little O & K hidden from us!! I would love to see their cute little faces -- but totally understand the need for privacy ;)

  2. Happy crafting!! If you take a break - please check out this post on my blog. www.summarybysandy.blogspot.com/2009/7/713-my-treasures.html
    You are the only person I "know" who will think this is as cool as I do!!

  3. I can't wait to see/read the dets on your sale!

    I love your tshirt..my kid would totally wear that..where did you find it? He can quote Sienfeld like there is no tomorrow..lol!
    Vanessa :-)

  4. Kids are soooo good at that! I've learned to never believe a kid who says, "my mommy/daddy lets me do that." I've been burned a few [dozen] times. :)

  5. I got my Vandelay shirt at a tshirt store in Mall of America :) Keith got the Jerk Store one. I'm impressed that you guys noticed it ;)

  6. i love your shirt!!!!

  7. You're so cute! :)
    I have a really cute Starbucks card I'll have to send your mom next time I send you a package. It still has a dollar something on it so I have to use that first, LOL.
    Can't wait to see all that you've been working on!!! xoxo

  8. i love using smilies, i also feel like if i don't use them i sound too serious or something. it's also a good substitute for exclamation points, because sometimes when i say something i'm not really that excited enough to use an exclamation point, but it do want the reader to know i'm somewhat excited/happy about what i said. does that make sense? haha. i don't know, sometimes it just feels like the right thing to do :]

  9. Haha, love the Vandelay ref.

    Now you just need a puffy shirt. ; )

  10. VANDELAY INDUSTRIES>...LOL!! WHere did you get that??!!!
    (one of my fav. episodes!)
    Timmy's and Seinfeld? If we lived closer we'd be good friends!! lol
    Sarah M

  11. Ok, seriously, I use some many smilies it's ridiculous!! :) I am feeling very self conscious about my smilie usage in this comment, but I get the urge after every sentence :) Ahhh! :)


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