my Grandpa taught me...

Be who you are, Do what you love and Screw what other people think
* Me :)
I really do believe my dreams will come true.
And I'm living that every day.


  1. Oh.My.Gosh. just made me literally SQUEAL with delight. Utter and sick delight. I'm famous, cause, like...your blog is famous. heheheh.

    and, just for records...I love the title. AMEN and a half!!!!!

    I love you. why aren't you closer?

    btw, how tall is keith...he looks very tall!

  2. oh, ps...

    the grandpa one especially makes me happy. we can learn so much from the grandparents, can't we? i miss mine.

    and tania's picture? uhm yeah. so hilariously great.

  3. geeeeee! I'm glad you felt the *special* i was sending out :)
    the people in that photo-list inspire me THE *most*! :)

    Keith is a 6'5 (i'm 5'6)'s wonderful :) He's so handsome and his hugs are amazing :)

    i do wish we were closer too!! we'd have so much fun and photoshoots!

    i bit tania's picture from her Spring kit photos...i loved it so much :) she's so cute :)

    i miss my grandpa too, but he's still very alive in my families hearts! i'll show you soon the album I made about's *him* in a book! (that's what that "do what you love" page is from)

    thanks for all the flickr comments you sent me Lace! you're so amazing :)

    yay tuesday that should be monday!
    time to make lunch :) I'm having hair soup and pink lemonade :)

  4. Hey babe I had alot of fun helping you with your photo albums last night, dam I have a good eye eh? ;)
    I'm so happy you are having so much success with FN, it's gonna be big I know it! Hope you have a great afternoon love ya. p.s " soona naka min dune skalle, sa minna neeka dada" :)

  5. whoa! it's keithcakes! wahoo!

  6. them thar are words to live by!!!
    good stuff :-)
    happy tuesday freckles!

  7. I'm beyond flattered :-) Thanks for putting me on your "shortlist" You inspire me just as much - ps. I found some crazy cool vintage shelf liner for you - a few dif. rolls. Think Aqua Blue Woodgrain!

  8. LA - you inspire me daily. Thanks for including those who inspire you. I'm drawn to your confidence and the way you embrace life. I love your blog! It's one of my faves.

  9. awwww thanks LA....i can feel the love. I so appreciate your vote of confidence and your love of me and my family. you are a lovely lady and I can't wait to hug you in person one day....

  10. Oooh, what is that wonderful place of Jill's? I wanna go! Great pics, as usual. We haven't started our albums yet, but will this weekend when we go away to the cabin. After the kiddos go to bed, my Mom and I are going to break out the wine and get to work! Glad you liked the tips. I drove by the go-kart place the other day... not too far from the MOA, maybe 14 minutes? Or so.

    Call me when you're here... for sure, if you need any thing.

  11. LA-your grandpa album turned out *perfect* and you have totally inspired me to make one for pictures & memories of the grandparents i have lost (3). you should definitely sell those flattened can's on your etsy! i would buy em :)

    love love love,
    lisa marie


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