my favorite room in my house...

and it's always a beautiful mess, our studio :)
Gotta say... I don't love this picture of my body. But I'm so happy being spontainously photographed in my studio... that'd I'm gonna ignore the lumpy and enjoy&embrace. I love when Keith just picks up the camera.


  1. i ADORE *THE* studio. :)

    have a good day!

  2. basically, yeah. i agree.

    i was driving to work today, and thinking about how you and elsie remind me of the beauty in "messes" or perceived imperfection. and, just how hard it is some days to embrace that in fact, it's okay to have those scars in our lives...we are beautiful none the less.

    God made us that way.


  3. I LOVE the way you said "our" studio!! :)

    You are a Beautiful HOTMESS! :)

  4. A creative mind can't be a tidy mind! Yellow's a good color on you and good on ya for posting a pic that you aren't thrilled with. That can be difficult.

  5. Sometimes Leigh-Ann's studio is a beautiful mess but let me tell you there are many times that there are ugly, untidy messes, when she doesn't have any creative juices running through her blood and it just becomes a drop or dumping zone. There were many times long before Freckled Nest days when she still lived at home that I couldn't stand it any longer that I would go into her MESS and pitch, dust and clean up just to keep my sanity. Now it's all hers to clean up, all though I have helped her a few time. Now it's Keithcakes turn to help her.
    Love you Leigh-Ann! :)

    Love Momma

  6. 1) I love that your mom call's Keith, Keithcake!

    2) I see the card you made for me...LOVE

    3) I love your studio... I wish I could come over for the day and make stuff with you.


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