"she's my human vice"

Aren't they the cutest?! These are my grandparents, Mela and Rusty, my dad's parents :) Here's some quotes from my visit today :) (Note: Grandpa's hobby is stripping wire. Then he cashes it in.) *** (Grandpa's sitting at the table with a look.) Grandma: "Do you want anything?" Grandpa: (Gives this arrow-nod over his shoulder with a sparkle in his eye) LA: (I'm thinking it's some *bedroom* thing the way he's lighting up.) Grandma: You want your wire from Kody? Grandpa: (Lights-up a big teethy smile as Grandma pulls out his tool box... {Love it! It was so cute!} *** LA: "Grandpa, you need a vice on the kitchen table." Grandpa: "She's my human vice. Grandma holds it." Grandma: "Yep, I'm his partner." *** LA: "Grandpa, this reminds me of when you used to smoke and roll your own cigarettes. Member that?" Grandpa: "Yep, stupid bugger." *** Grandma: "See my new toaster guys?" Kody: "What was wrong with last one?" Grandma: "It only toasts on the outsides of bread." LA: "Grandma, I've never seen someone go thru as many toasters as you." *** Gran asked me to read her 'my blog' (the paper I was writing the quotes on)... Grandma: "Don't forget, she's gonna put that on her thing-a-maggig." *** Aunty Kim, I lost your email address... can you email me? FreckledNest@gmail.com


  1. Shar said...
    LA - THX for the wonderful pix (as per usual) and the beautiful text that accompanied it. I have the pix of Dad using Mom as his one and only human vice. lol as my Desktop pix. I described the pix and dialogue to Grandma/Mom and she really enjoyed hearing about it. I love her to do death -- don't you too?

  2. lol, i have it as on my desktop too :) It was such a fun(ny) visit! I thought you'd really enjoy this post :) Love you all so much! LA

  3. They are so totally cute, i can't stand it! Give them extra kisses and hugs!

  4. just wandered over and my heart warmed at this post...precious!

  5. sweet visit...i'll have to remember to try this on a visit with my own grandparents soon! i have many cute pictures of them, but no narration to go with them!
    sweet idea!
    thanks for the inspiration LA!
    glad you had a warm 'n fuzzy visit!

  6. I absolutely love seeing pics like this it makes me feel great when I see a couple with that much love for eachother now adays. After all these years and there hearts still flutter for eachother. I hope one da* that will be Darren and I si-*/ng at the table but I think it will +-be 69
    5-/121020. a ps3 contri*9+--------------ll+-
    3285 controller, you can thank Hudson for the added text.
    n +-+5

  7. I looooooove this post. I really enjoy the way couples who have been together for a long time talk to/about each other. Had an older couple at my table at market last week and she was having trouble deciding what she wanted and the dialogue and the asides were just priceless. Plus she kept telling me my earrings were "zippy" which was worth the whole day, right there.


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