How's your weekend? Ours is great :) We just had brown sugar toast and tea for breakfast, now it's studio time :) Yeeee... love studio! I'm working on a few projects. notebooks, stitching, dreaming and Keith is doing finishing touches on his models for Minneapolis. Today he's working on a '67 Corvette Gasser. He is singing this right now and giving Lola kisses through the window to the backyard. So sweet :) Hope you're long weekend is awesome! Still lots left! :)


  1. have a nice weekend sweets! :)
    mine is alsmost over.
    i just had to laugh with that swedish song, so funny. hihi.

  2. LA...do you post process these photos?

  3. hi Lace :)
    that's how we took it. it's actually from the iphotobooth on the laptop...sunny day :)

    sometimes i "enhance" and tweek photos but i'm not knowledgable on photoshop actions and all that jazz. i just use iphotos tools :)

  4. Hi Leigh-Ann and Keith
    Cute pic, sorry about yesterday LA, wish I would have known sooner, would have cancelled dinner plans and stayed at the cottage. You shouldn't always try to surprise, sometimes it backfires on you.

    Love Momma


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