meet my Grandpa...

When Grandpa passed away last year...i didn't know how to get thru it. I really missed him, never wanted to forget him and new i had one "incomplete" left between us. day when Grandpa was crushing cans in his shop, I went downstairs to photograph him. I spotted some shiny flattened cans and asked if i could take a few. He chuckled at him they were just scrap metal to be cashed in. I saw potential. I told him i wanted to make an album out of them...but then never got to it. Sometimes when I'd visit, he'd sweetly mock me "did you make your can-album yet?" we'd banter back and forth...and i assured him i'd get to it :) The day after he passed, I locked myself away for a few days and made this album. I wanted it to be happy and bright. A celebration. I couldn't bring myself to finish it though...didn't want to close the book. But last month, I finally painted the flattened corn cans he teased me about and added the title Pocket Full. This is my favorite thing I've ever made. When I show it to my children one day...they will get to know their Great Grandpa. It's like a conversation with him. An honor to one of my very favorite men. View the entire album here or here


  1. Wow wow wow....what an absolutely beautiful album Leigh-Ann!

  2. just looked at the whole thing. it really, really rocks.

  3. hey la!
    i just finished looking at your photos of the whole album...what a keepsake!
    i love your paper choices and all the different sized unique and a certain treasure to pass down to future generations!
    i'm sure your grandpa would be proud of what you did with his crushed cans!

  4. that is the neatest mini-album i have ever seen. i LOVE the crushed cans. so wonderful. i miss my grandpa too...everyday.

  5. owen and i spent a long time last night looking at each page. I think it made him really sad for his grandpa and grandma that just died but at the same time helped him remember good memories of them as well. I assured him that in the summer I would create something for him as a rememberance. Thanks for sharing with us LA. And, yes, you do make the coolest mini albums!

  6. oh, LA! It's a beautiful tribute album!

  7. i was just watching the pics at flickr and i have to say, this is amazing!
    you´re so talented and you make the most beautiful albums ever!
    love ya!

  8. Oh, LA, you just amaze me. I just looked at the whole flickr set, and I am blown away. What a wonderful and fitting tribute to your grandpa. I love the young pictures of him & your grandma. You never cease to amaze me with your creativity!

  9. Way to think out of the box (but we already knew you were THAT creative!) and honor your grandpa at the same time! I'm impressed! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Its amazing and beautiful, LA. I can see the love and humor :).

  11. Where to start! I love, love, love, the way this is put together. It makes me want to stop scrapbooking 12x12 and start making all little books. This book has grabbed my soul and lit a fire! My mom passed four years ago now and I just couldn't put a book together and now I know why. A regular 12x12 with page protectors was not my Mom. She was a coffee stained, note taker, with a deck of cards handy at all times and a book similar to your format would do her justice. I hope you don't mind if I copy some of your ideas but it has inspired me to put together something of my own. Thanks once again for giving inspiration to an over 40, empty nest Mom, who just realized she would love to study art!!!

  12. Thanks everyone!!

    Rainy, I don't mind at all. If you need help on how i did things, feel free to ask!

    I pretty much 'just made' this album. Didn't think or plan. Just knew 3 things, 1) My pages needed to fit smaller than the can covers, 2) there needed to be a gap for the holes (so nothing would get punched) 3)I knew they colors and supplies matched/'went' so it didn't matter how i combind them. I took out my supplies ahead and used only the ones I picked.

    and best of all, i spoiled Grandpa. i used things i'm usually stingy with. I'm a horder on the good stuff, i have a hard time USING my favorite stuff...but on this album, i went nuts. It turned out so perfect, and reflected Grandpa and my adoration so well.

    I hope you feel healing like i did as you make your moms album! it was an incredible "closure" for me. and super fun! i laughed a lot remembering him, memories, seeing old photos and capturing his silly cuteness :)

    if i were able to show Grandpa this album... he actually woulda probably said "oh, why are you fussing over me"... Lol. but i think he woulda blushed too ;)

    lisa marie:
    i saw your comment... i'll ask my grandma to save cans and see if i can recreate the flattened cans like grandpa did. i'll sell it in the etsy if it works out (with holes and rings).

    LA :)

  13. gave me goosebumps reading this.

    mmm, sweetness.

  14. Hey LALA,

    Beautiful memories. . . . and so very 'extra special' for this day.

    Thx - Love


  15. Very nice memories of Grandpa Leigh-Ann, it's so nice that you shared this with your friends. Very signifcant day to put it on your blog, it's Grandma and Grandpa's 60th Anniversary today. He would be very proud of the beautiful work and love you have put into your book.

    Love Momma

  16. I'm glad you were able to finish it. It's beautiful.

  17. Beautiful album LA... very inspiring for me to finally get back to scrapbooking.

    love alice

  18. An amazing tribute LA. Amazing.

  19. It's a beautiful heartfelt tribute. Thank you for sharing, It reminds me of how I love my Pop and how much I miss him.

  20. Wow... outstanding Leigh-Ann. I think this is one of the most beautiful things that you have created by far. Great job!

  21. Your my hero....
    You are are so amazing and genuine.
    I just love you.
    You will always be my LDR...

  22. oh boy, just looked at the entire album on flickr, and it's just absolutely beautiful. Best album you have ever made.



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