d. Rainvos (Autumn's perfect word for Rainbow-Convos).
I invented this little ditty when I met Teaque.
Me and my blog friends write long emails back and forth and just keep adding into the exhisting email...changing our font colour each time. It works perfect, you don't need to reference what your talking about and it feels like a real conversation. And they're so pretty :)
Color Key(read in this order):
Navy Blue= Autumn
Hideous Green=Autumn


  1. Excuse me ma'am...I don't like you calling my green hideous! I happen to think it's rather nice! Unless of course it's coming from one's nostrils!

    I love our Rainvos! They are nice, and they light up my day! :)

  2. You guys are both special...

    Just so everyone knows these girls are hard to keep up with on the chats... I help one customer and I have 3 pages to read when i get back...lol


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