all the worlds problems are solved:

Fiskars finally made the most amazing corner rounder! Go get one! And a Fingertip X-Acto Thing. Your wildest dreams will come true.


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    not the one i was talking about but it is good

  2. here it is

  3. so. is it super awesome?

    because i've been hankering for a super awesome corner rounder for awhile now.

    (i've also been reading your blog for awhile - hi!)

    anyhow. it's nice to have a recommendation :)

  4. i've been wondering about that fingertip x-acto. tell us more! :) i think it was on craftcritique, too. i'll go check it out.

  5. did you know that fiskars is a finnish brand?


  6. i typically hate corner rounders. love the effect, hate the thumb pain (if you're using it a lot). This one is REALLY easy to use and it's awesome that you holding it LOOKING at the bottom UP ;)

    I'll get back to you guys on the Fingertip cutter thing. They're almost $9 at Michaels, but I got mine for $3.60 at the craft supply wholesale I go to. Worth it for that price. Not sure yet if it's worth it at the Michaels price. Will update you :)

    PS> I used a 50% off coupon on the rounder at michaels so it was only $10. There was two sized curves for the corner rounder. One day when I'm rich and famous, I'll get the other size too ;)

  7. and a new jar of cheesewhiz ;)

  8. oh sure, after I slaved away at all those books!!!! I'll have to write fiskars!



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