Freestyle Friday: Bring it Together

(Inka's new roll-up filled with all her drawing supplies)
Hi :) Today's Freestyle Friday is about Organizing.
* You all saw my studio this week. Things are everywhere. And as much as I love working in a beautiful mess...I hate having one kind of supply stashed in 50 different places; I waste so much time looking for specific materials. In my case, it's my paper. I have a lot, and I don't have a great system. * Your challenge this week, is to pick one type of your craft/art supplies and bring it together.
Don't try to tackle your whole stock of different supplies. Just one thing! *
So I was at Michaels yesterday and they had these awesome paper containers on clearance. Only $19 each (they're clear, vertical, big, with a handle, and dividers). I bought 3 and worked on it while Keith and I watched TV last night. I brought out bags, boxes, containers and stacks of papers from the studio into the living room and just got at 'er! So far, I've got it catergorized. Solid colored paper (bazzil) in one container using the dividers (a section for whites/creams, oranges/yellows, greens, blues, reds/purples, browns/black), Patterned Paper in another container, and Projects (in large ziplocks) in the 3rd container. So now, I've got everything separated; that was my first goal. My next step will be to go through each container and pair up, make groupings, yadda yadda... but for now, I already have a very nice section of Polka Dot Paper ;) *
Now when I look for paper, It'll be much faster and more efficient.
One more thing: When you organize, do it the way that YOUR mind works! Not alphabetically or by brand necessarily... but how you will best find/use it :) * What will you pick to organize?
Check out our Flickr Group for other Freestylers 1 Hour Mini's from last week! Super rad!
And post a picture of your "Bring it Together" once you're all set :)
Happy Friday Everyone! * :) LA


  1. yayayayayay!!! I can't wait for my tote!! I've been talking about it allll week!

  2. those 1 hour mini albums looked so pretty! sorry i didn´t take part in that one.. but i´ll take part now!
    i´m know as THE organizer. ;)
    when i was little, i had all my barbie shoes and her jewelry organized in a eggholder. hihi.
    but now, i´ll organize my threads. so that they will match with my buttons!
    do you want us to take a pic before and after?

  3. ya! that'd be cool IF you wanna do before and after :) or just after :)

    you're so cute Inka! i can picture little-you and your egg holders :)


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