Freestyle Friday: 1 Hour Mini

This weeks Challenge... We're making a Mini Album in 1 hour using all the supplies above :)
Go find these Supplies in your House
(Don't buy anything. If you don't have something, think of a substitute.)
Photos (i printed all mine at 2.5inches wide)
Paint Sample (you can get these everywhere, even the Walmart)
3 Recipe Card Dividers (just go take some from the back of your recipe box... you probably have extras)
Fabric Tape or Gaffer Tape or Hockey Tape or Masking Tape
Page from a Book (i used a dictionary page) Notebook Page
Little Envelope (you can make these if you don't have)
A few Buttons
Some kind of Embellishment for your Cover (i used a boy/girl chipboard thing)
Stickers or Labels (mine are those doctors office colored file labels)
1 Pack of Rubons
Needle and Thread
1 Marker for Journaling
1 Hour Timer
By having the supplies picked and gathered before you start your timer, you will save so much time... no searching or humming & hawing. Picture what you wanna make with your supplies while you gather them, then...don't think. Just go do it and have fun :) Because you're making it in an hour...don't approach it a page at a time.
Instead, do it a stage at a time (you transition less and save time).
Here's how I did mine:
Construct the album first. Then your title/cover. Then add photos. (Staple them in. It's nice and quick.) Then embellish. Then do some journaling. Then sign it :)
Then go show your people :) Rules:
You can only use the tools and supplies in the top picture. There's no paper cutter, no glue, no ruler. This is not going to be a square project. And that is O-KAY; perfection is not the goal. Fun and freestylin is :) I was giddy trying to make it in an hour and we really love the little album that I came up with. You don't have to use up your supplies; I had a few photos and buttons I didn't use.
Here's my 1 Hour Mini :]
Happy Friday everyone! Hope you have FuN:)
* Show off your 1 Hour Mini in our Freestyle Friday Flickr group when you're done :)
Here's last weeks Freestylers :)
Lola contest winners posted below :)


  1. Wowza! I love how simple and focused it is. Beautiful colors.

    Thanks for my polaroid album! I got it two days ago and finally got my computer so I'll post it this weekend.

    Your fun surprise package is on the way.

  2. OMG LaLa, that is so stinkin cute! I can't wait to get home and put mine together! :) You are awesome!! :) Loves ya!!

  3. Hey babe! I am eating tomato soup with some crackers crumbled in it, is that a meal? I'm really looking forward to this long weekend, I think we both really need it(exhale) lol. 17.1's here I come. Congrats to the winners from the Lola contest, love ya babe, I'm out, peace

  4. Loving the mini album idea!!!!!!
    Your boyfriend is soo cute with his comment above me, awwwwwwwwwww!

    have a great long weekend!


  5. Really cute album Leigh-Ann. You can see that you and Keith are so IN LOVE. :) I'm happy to see that, for both of you. I'm really looking forward to you both coming out to the lake, it feels like a long time since we saw you.

    Hope you have an OK day tomorrow, remember I love you, we all love you!!

    Love Momma

  6. cute album, it's very creative and a lot of fun!

  7. oooh can't wait to get started!

  8. that album is really cute la!
    you have so much inspiration and ideas! :)

    love you!!

  9. can you explain how to construct an album....never done this before

  10. YAY! I did the album this afternoon but I took 2.5hrs. *blush* Ah well, I love it. Thanks for the challenge LA!!!

  11. I finished mine last night with 6minutes to spare. That might tell us something.
    I'll photograph and post it later today. I'm off to shop then p/u my pupsicle from the spca.

  12. this is sooo adorable! i'm going to make one this week sometime...

  13. You. Are. So. Rad.
    Love this idea.

  14. Love... I still have to upload all of my pictures from the other Friday's....LOL



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