2 winners & 2 new products :)

ok! it's 3am...and I'm ready :) (I worked on this all night. Well... took a 2 hour nap. Then worked again. And lol, my dishes still aren't done.) and lol...whoever left the impatient anonymous "i want to know when you are going to tell the contest winners?" ...you CRACKED me up! ;) * Self Portrait Contest: It was HARD to pick!!! I loved EACH AND EVERY photo SOOOO MUCH! Totally inspired by your beauty (yes YOU) and was honored to see your self portraits :) Thank-you!! and I hope you gleaned some new confidence in your beauty thru the project :) The winner of the Self Portrait Contest is... Alice! Alice Sunshine.... you win a special new FN Product, a personalized Artists' Rollup! You get to pick what you want on it. 5 letters max. Email me :) These are also now available in the Freckled Nest Shop. There's a premade one that says "art..." as well as the custom option. Inka already ordered one... "I.Klum"...hehe (me and amandas nickname for her) :) * Who's Your Jelly? Contest: The Chicks voted...and we picked Patty and her Father :) (You can read her story in the comments here) We were all saps over Patty's Jelly story :) Everyones Jellies were all great and warmed our hearts :) Thanks for entering the contest everyone!!! Patty.... you win a funky new FN Product! It's called Button Button! You will receive 70 handmade envelopes, with a button in each :) (Email me your address please) A button a day keeps the doctor away ;) And you open one per day.... like advent, but buttons instead of chocolate ;) Inka got one of these for a swap we did... (our mutual button addiction inspired this product). Here's her glee :) And she keeps blogging her daily buttons...which i find completely amusing. She got over a hundred envelopes. lol! Lol... its really hard for me to sell this product. Letting go of some sweet buttons was a challenge ;) I'm button-greedy. I need a support group. Like rageaholics or aa. Button Button available in the Shop here :) Any button lover will go bonkers over this. It's dope! (Right Joe ;) Goodnight :)


  1. Hi Leigh-Ann. Love the new shop item and all those buttons look so gorgeous. Is that your filling cabinet full of buttons?? I would be in heaven.

  2. congrats alice and patty!!
    you are both gonna love your prizes. :)

  3. WOW, thanks guys:) I dont know what to say!!!

    I love my jelly:) hehe

  4. I love the button button idea!! :)

  5. LA you rock! eeeek! Yay! Did you choose me because you like my pic or really because you knew how much I'd love the art roll-up!? Love love love it! Thank you!!

    word to go on it... hmm...

    I like "art" or "alice"... or something to do with creating/supplies...
    you can surprise me :)

  6. if these 2 were on flickr, i would add them as fav's!!! yum yum hun.


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