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Got my haircut today by the sweetest pea...Menoukia. Met her thru Ashli and she was such a delight! And as always, after every good haircut, I did a photoshoot. Here were my faves. Now it's your turn. The Challenge: Go somewhere with your camera and take 100+ photos. This is a challenge I put in my book (yes, I'm still writing it, but it's not going to be ready for publish for a while). After your 100+ photoshoot, link your VERY favorite in the comments (of this post) and include your name/email. For real though, take a 100+. You loosen up a lot and don't look so frozen/stiff/posed in front of the camera. And have good light. Dim=bad. You can edit if you like doing photoshop stuff. The Prize: I have a new Freckled Nest product (that's not been unveiled...and its super fun)... and the Winner (my favorite photo linked) will get to have the first one! You can enter a maximum 3 photo options if you're like me and can't decide. But it has to be a new photo... Ok! Go take some self portraits ladies :) Enjoy yourself!
Enjoy. Yourself! Must be a self portrait = photo taken of you by you :)
(I pulled this chair into the bathroom, and went nuts. Lots of photos. Delete the junk, edit the good. Use a good angle, and DON'T be self critical. JUST HAVE FUN!!!)


  1. Oh, this sounds like a great idea. What a great project for the weekend. Love the haircut!

  2. Thanks for the contest, I am excited to know what the prize is! my picture

    Carrie ~ ckoehmstedt@gmail.com

  3. i know! she really is the sweatest pea. and you have a nice cut.


  4. does the picture have to be of yourself or can it be of anything?

  5. You have cats eyes!! Love them.

  6. Hey Leigh Ann, This is the first I've been able to get on the computor all day. nice hair cut. I will try and do some photos tomorrow. When is the cut off date.

    You know my e-mail....Angela

  7. Hey LA! Thanks for the sweet comments on my blog today!

    Here's my SP! Is it okay that it serves a dual purpose? (I'm doing the 365...wait, 366 project.) I took mine late Friday night/Saturday morning while I was at an overnight crop. I waited until it was sometime after 2 in the morning, and most people had gone to their rooms to sneak down to the restroom (because it was so well lit). I snapped and snapped...I'm sure my friends wondered if I was okay! :) I had a lot I didn't like, but this one was my fav!


  8. Hello hello Leigh-Ann. As of today I am a new reader of your blog and a newly inspired person as well:) We had some wonderful snow fall here in CT just today and I took a photo op out in the snow with my new hat!!
    You can check out my two photo entries here:


    Keep up the great work, I love your stuff:)

  9. Hey LA!!!!

    Can I enter my sister from our photoshoot or do the photo's have to by yourself?

  10. afffffffffffffff!! I took 100 pics of my baby girl, LOL!! Anyway, the best pics are here: http://scrapeoutraspaixoes.blogspot.com/2008/01/101-fotos-4-q-dizem-tudo.html...I´ll try tomorrow the self portrait!! kisses!

  11. Here's mine LA!


    I must say, it definitely took a few, 20, or 50 pics throughout the day to really get it. Fun challenge! Thanks!!

  12. hei, finally, my pics, LOL!! My face today was like a smashed potato, but, I took 100 terrible pics, and the best one is here : http://scrapeoutraspaixoes.blogspot.com/2008/01/1-foto-em-100.html..

  13. here i am: http://www.flickr.com/photos/funkyfinds/2207946810/

    p.s. joe is working on your code still to figure out the columns, etc. :)

  14. Looking good, honey! :D
    When is the last date to try this challenge?


  15. here´s my pic:


    after a long school week. :)

  16. I want to play, too.


  17. here's mine hun!


  18. I'm done, I'm finally done. I really hope I'm not too late. I stayed up 'til after midnight working on this. Check out my pics at http://sugarsnapsstudio.blogspot.com/



  19. yay! you know my info...now here's my picture...



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