Whose your Jelly? contest

This is a fun challenge we did at the FN Design Team blog...and we wanted to share it with y'all.
After the weekend, the Freckled Nest Design Team is going to pick the most inspiring/funny/sweet/lovely photo and story and a special Valentines Gift will be made for the winner :)
(LA will also announce the SP Winner after the weekend)
Your PB & J:
You know that friend who is perfect for you and you for them...the one that is easy to love and easy to be with. The one you start to miss with a "what is missing" feeling in your tummy when you haven't talked or seen or connected with.
What to do:
Post a photo of you and your jelly or just of your jelly and tell us why you love them so...Blog about your Jelly...and link to it in the comments. Or if you're blogless, you can write your story in the comments :)
Have FuN! :) Happy Heart day everyone!!! Love Love Love, Leigh-Ann, Inka, Kristen, Tania, Teaque, Jessica and Amanda!!!


  1. my jelly is my husband. it's true. read about it on my blog...


    happy happy valentine's day!!!! evan

  2. mine is my boyfriend of 4 yrs...my high school sweetheart.

    check out my post on my blog


  3. I was having problems posting a new entry over at my blog, so I am going to have to do this comment style. Happy Valentines Leigh-Ann and the rest of the Freckled Nest gang!!!

    If I was peanut butter I would be crunchy peanut butter and my dad would be my jelly. Hmmmmmm you say?? Yes sappy but true from the bottom of my heart.
    My father has been my ultimate Valentine. He has been the one man I have loved and will always love for now and forever.
    When I was little he would bring home bags of conversation hearts for us kids, and as I got older it was red velvety heart boxes full of chocolate right next to the big heart box for mom. Back then it made me feel special, on the day of love he reminded us that we were special even if it was through candies.
    My father is the most gentle, caring, giving, honest, bravest man I have ever met. Because of him I have a very high expectations in the guys I date because I think of him(my dad) very highly and only hope to have that sort of man in my life one day.
    From him I got this german nose and the strength and courage that I sometimes need in times of hopelessness and despair.
    As I get older I respect him even more and see just how wonderful he is and just how lucky I have been to have had a dad like him. He is what has made me the person I am today. What would a peanut butter sandwich be if it was not for the great jelly to go with it?? Who would I have been if I didnt have such an awesome male figure in my life? This is why my dad is my ultimate jelly, then my boyfriend of course:)

    The following link is to a not so good picture of us from this past October at my sister's wedding.


  4. a better link for picture


  5. Such a great challenge. Thank you ladies. I hope you dont mind but i pinched the image and the challenge but i linked it back to this blog. Please feel free to let me know if this is not ok.


  6. I did it!

  7. here is mine...in english and portuguese: http://scrapeoutraspaixoes.blogspot.com/2008/02/my-jelly-bean-friend.html

    kisses LA!

  8. My jelly, with out a question in my mind would be, my wonderful, loving husband of 16 years. We married each other after both of us had been through a divorce and were left with the blessing of children to raise. With great joy, love and FEAR we blended our family of 6 six children. We became the Brady Bunch over night. Boy was it a roller coaster. We have been through many, many things together. Parenting 6 kids is the single most challenging thing we did as a couple. But my jelly was always there. The trauma of all our children moving out most to different states was a different challenge. My jelly was there. One of our sons is in the war in Iraq right now. My jelly is there. I have had breast cancer. My jelly was there... We have discovered over the years peanut butter is just not any good with out jelly! And jelly isn’t much with out peanut butter either.
    Thanks for listening!


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