my life is a beautiful colour :)

These are my great friends! I love this juicy photo of us! Jessica made it for the Design Team Blog :) I kinda wanna frame it... or make them into magnets! Yep! That'd be fun :)
Some of you were commenting about the green cabinet in the Button Button photos... jsyk, it is actually smaller than it looks. It's 2 library (Dewey Decimal System) card holders I picked up at the flea market. Best color possible, and only $8 each. I keep my ribbon in it. My buttons take up way more space than that provides. Lol... I should show you guys someday! I have A LOT! Keith was looking at a few jars I had out, and said "wow you have a lot"...and i laughed. Thats nothing ;)
Isn't this just the happiest photo!? i love it :) my friend Teaque had her babygirl today :) Congratulations Hun!! Corynn is so beautiful! And Cade is the cutest big brother possible! His joy is incredible :)


  1. Congratulations Teaque on your new bundle!!! :) Beautiful pic!

    Hey Lee Lee, how's it going girlie girl?


  2. Like Keith's.... Blog!

    I love our new picture... I must go to the chicks blog next!

    Love you...


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