Flovin and Roadtrip

This weeks Flovin is an insane collection, worth looking at each photo seperately! Lol, there's a lot of great jumping photos! I love jumping photos :)
Right after work today, we're driving (IN PEPPER!!!) to Kenora(Tyson's hometown) for the weekend :)
I'll probably still blog. Bringing Lolli along, and stitching. Hoping to relax too. October's been a crazy month. Hope you all have a Happy Weekend :)
Don't forget to enter the halloween contest(at bottom). I will draw the winner on Wednesday! Halloweeeeeen :) Boo!


  1. i love love love that pic with the colorful barbie shoes. :)
    reminds me of my childhood!

  2. Love the selection...I think I'm going to add some new contacts to my flickr account! :D

    Oh, and I SO did not expect to see my face on here! lol Thanks!

  3. Hey Leigh-Ann! You've been TAGGED!!! Check out my blog! Thanks for playing!!!

  4. I am loving these pictures!

    I want my new camera!

  5. OK what's wrong? It's Monday afternoon and you haven't blogged since Friday!!! I'm going through major withdrawals.


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