They fight to love me

I tried to take a picture with Lola. She thinks it means: "time to give Mama kisses"...and then Pen sees and thinks..."oh!! They need me too!" She hops in...and they kept pushing each other off the couch, fighting to kiss me most. I hope everyones families are so wonderful :) Tyson's working late. Amanda's on her way over. We have 2 episodes of ANTM and 2 of Canadian Project Runway to catch up on :) And we're making Tacos together. Girls night :)


  1. hodgert podgert10/29/2007 07:00:00 pm

    oh my word, your hair looks so long!
    you have a cute mouth!

  2. I admire and am envious of your sister relationship with Amanda. How very lucky you are.


  3. awww!!! cute doggies!
    freckles...your hair is adorable!

  4. awww, look at your hair! It's getting so long! purty!


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