My little brother informed me Sunday that i haven't done a followup to my 'Stay Tuned' post... Lol, i didn't think he cared... he said 'your people await'. Lol! Anyways, here's one of the 3 followups. More to come...
This is my new toy :) Big Smiles!! I got a mac laptop for my birthday (April 11). Her name is Lollipop. Lollipop the Laptop. I name most things; my ipod is Betty, my camera is Zack (SBTB ref) , our car is George, my studio desk is Gloria, my memory stick is RubyTwo (after RubyTwoShoes, my favorite RollerGirl), my elephant is Button, etc etc...
Q. What do you name your things?


  1. Hey Leigh-Ann,
    Sweet Mac or should I say cute Lollipop.
    I named my heating bag (from Grandma) 'Baby'. It just makes it so much easier when I can't find it and I say to Gerry where's Baby?Our 2 new heating bags are called Ollie (Tanner named it) and Gerry's is called (I can barely say it) Poofy Bear. I think he just made that name up to annoy me. I mean come on who names their heating bag Poofy Bear.
    Love Shar

  2. Hey baby!
    Well I don't name much, but my car - Connor. And I get raised eyebrows at that! :P My friend Drea names lots of things, her computer and car amoung somethings. I didn't know that you named all those things! Learn something new every day! :P


  3. I thought about this question and realized I don't name anything! I guess you'll just have to help me come up with some good names for my stuff! I think my camera and my car need names...


  4. Samaunt feels that:3/14/2007 03:49:00 am

    Leigh-Ann Total Complete Sidebar:
    I have a favour to ask of you that would take place in and around the end of April/early May. Could you take a photograph of all of us in the family that live here. Grandma, Grandpa, Your Parental Units, Wayne, Tyson, Amanda, Matt, the OK Twins (sshh ix-nay on the OK) and Gerry, myself and hopefully No. 1 daughter Tanner. She should be here in that time frame. I very much admire and appreciate your artwork you display in your photography. Kudos to you LA.
    Also we could it hold it at Grandma/Grandpa's and have another picnic like we did a few weeks back. We had fun. You and Tyson came in at the end excited with your wooden cradle find. That cradle someday could be used as a display when you get your own store.
    We could all bring a dish and there will be scads of food to feast on.
    Get back to me when you can.

    Love - This is the hard part for me I don't usually sign Sharleen and it is difficult for me as I don't see that as being right either. So I am going to just sign.

  5. My Hubby is like "how am i supposed to live up to that?!" about Lollipop. :) Oh well, so I won't get my mac other news, my first car was Lucile, my car now, Charlotte, my pink iMac, Mademoiselle Rose.....good times. :)

  6. by saying your younger brother you should really be saying you ONLY brother (then add for fun (from the same mother) nad say it ina funny voice)


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