Baked Potato

I DID IT!!! I got a video up!!! Here's a little quick vid I made on iMovie tonight :) Lol, I videotaped it from a vhs tape playing on my tv ;) Enjoy my 18 year old humour & boredom... lol.
Now... *drumroll* The winner of the Halloween Contest is totally Baked Potato!!! I burst into laughter reading that one!! Thanks to everyone who entered! It was fun hearing your costume creativity and seeing pictures!!! Autumn, please email me your address and I will send you your prize :) Nina and Kendra's prizes arrived recently (thanks for the english Nina :). By the way, Little Traveller monies have been arriving this week, thanks! I'll be shipping those ones this weekend :) (Bobbi, Kendra, Meredith, Deborah, Julie...and all the paypals sent) Watch the blog tomorrow...Christmas is *coming* ;) PS... vlog series will begin :) I have 3 ready to go!! :) *excited* Karisa!!! I totally need to find our old Music Videos with Rachel!!!


  1. well, lovely, all you have to do is ask and I'll help you set up a three column fantastico blog. ;)

  2. Thanks LA...I'm so excited! :)

  3. Actually I have been thinking the same thing...that you need to find those "music" videos we did in TKC!! :) Good times! And yes, unfortunately I have not been to my computer very much at all since I've been home and when I do get there I don't usually have time to check blogs and stuff. SO sorry. Rest assured though that I'm not in the slammer! :) I've missed your blogging and I will do better to get here and read it more. Life is just so crazy though, ya know? I feel like I got home and hit the ground running and haven't stopped YET! I don't know how we constantly do it! Us North Americans and all the stuff that takes up our time, our hours and minutes and moments!! IT's really nuts and I'm praying for God to show me how to slow down! ANyways, I love you LA!

  4. I am cracking up right now..... Love the video!


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