1. I have a very addictive personality. When i like something, I go gitty overboard.

2. I have never had a cup of coffee (ref. point 1)

3. I really like office supply stores.

4. That city picture is Lolli's wallpaper right now.

5. I love pajamas bottoms but i don't wear them to bed. (i put them on when i get home)

6. I used to have magazine clippings covering every part of my bedroom walls (when i was a teen)

7. I'm very organized and messy at the same time.

8. My next favorite color is olive/army green. After that, it will be sunshine yellow. I can feel it coming. Current, seaglass. But i can feel it leaving.

9. I would really like to be on Oprah one day.

10. I am inspired by other creative people and the little things&moments around me.

11. My favorite natural ability is my handwriting.

12. I am not "smart" pursay, but I know a lot of things...lol.

13. I love my 4 grandparents so much. I don't want them ever to leave.

15. If I could do one thing to permanently change my body, I'd get electrolasis. lol.

16. I have a hair phobia.

17. I get sick if i hear another person/or my dogs getting sick.

18. I think 3 kids is a good number.

19. I change my mind a lot.

20. It makes me sad when a girl/woman doesn't see her own beauty. It then becomes my involentary mission to show them.

21. I really like vegetables.
22. I'm quite addicted to tomatoes & greek salad right now.
23. My lunch break is over, gtg.

24. I had a peanut butter and banana sandwich and water for lunch. Mmmmm, those sandwiches are so good! But milk woulda been better...

25. I snort when i laugh too hard...

26. When i say i gotta go (ex.#23) i still have a little more.

Here's an old random i did last year...

(Idea inspired by Most Sincerely,)


  1. Amen on #11. I've commented before, and I'll comment again, I love your handwriting, especially when stitched. #17 - my mom has the same affliction. She once threw up on me while I was throwing up post-op. Cheers!

  2. Greek salad is one of the best foods ever.

  3. Eeek! I inspired you?! That is so cool. Your blog is divine by the way.

    And I found this post via these cool instruction.


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