Jenius, Jenth-Degree, Jenuine, Jenisis...oh-lol!

These photos all gave me goosebumps ;)
Click on the Mosaic to see it bigger.
See more about these photographers/flickr photos here.
(Sorry the link html wasn't working)
Shout out to Teaque --- I hope you're having a good, non-pukey, kids-being-good, chocolate-eating, no morning-sickness, fully energized, flipflop wearing, good hair, quality kinda day. thinkin of ya! love LA


  1. been watching BB8 have ya....
    (me too:-)

  2. awwww - I feel the love! Actually it has been alright around here - no puke, just wanna, and definitely flip flops(everyday)the kdis aren't even too bad - so sweet of you to shout out to little ole me!!! TQ


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