Random Things About Me

1. i have a red stapler. (milton) 2. i feel healthy when i carry a bottle of water. 3. i smell my favorite scrapbook papers, ribbons, buttons, rulers, out of habit-and i don't care who knows it. 4. i've given lola and penny voices- and i answer back for them. 5. my mom is the most beautiful person in the world, and i wish she could see it. 6. the people at costco photocentre know me by name. 7. sometimes, i use my transfers 15 minutes past the expiry. 8.i love the sound of 2 things: a good keyboard and the eye-testing machine. 9.i love organizing and reorganizing. containers are fun. 10. i 've had every color except grey as my favorite color. some twice. right mom? 11. i love a good business name. 12. i enjoy a good bowl. (dish) 13. the smell of corn makes me nautious. (amanda says i shouldn't elaborate) 14. i hate how theres no mailbox near my house or work. 15. i love getting phonecalls. 16. accents make me melt. 17. i'm a horrible back seat driver. 18. i wanna be a supermodel. (wishing) 19. i felt so pretty on my wedding day. 20. people like my eyebrows. 21. i love tyra. 22. i love rap music. and hip-hop. 23. I loved shopgirl. 24. i hate loose hair. 25. this is my grade 1 picture. And I love it. 26. i'm going to be on oprah one day. 27. i do a great parrot impression. 28. i can't dance, but love trying. 29.i stick out my tounge at the side when i'm concentrating. 29. i carry my camera everywhere. 30. i like having an uncomman name. 31. i like playing with my grandmas hands. the skin is so loose. and see-through. 32. tyson is the best thing that ever happened to me. 33. i love a fresh stack of photos. 34.i can't sit up straight. 35.i love old: glass, wooden boxes, tools, people, photos, buttons, journals, library signout cards... 35.i am inspired by everything around me, especially the simple things. 36. i squeel/chirp 'eeeeeeee" when i get excited, and scratch at peoples upper arm, like i'm playing the piano. i don't notice i'm doing it, they do. 37.i let the birds nest in my roof, its been 3 years. 38.michele saved my life by being my best friend. 39. a good haircut is worth it. 40. raspberries are wonderful.


  1. #3...(shhhhhh)don't tell anyone..i smell my paper too...............

  2. I love the first grade picture!! that is great! Also...the people at the Walmart photo center know my name...most of them, anyway.

  3. Yes actually i have seen the first grade picture. I love a good keyboard too, i actually changed my keyboard at work with a spare one because the keys sounded better....tee hee.

  4. amanda and mom9/13/2006 09:31:00 pm

    mom & amandas thoughts about 'random things':
    1. is it a swingline?
    2. it could be a new diet fad
    3. do they smell better because they're your favs?
    4. lola and penny told me they don't like you imitating them ;D
    5. thank-you
    6. mom's the president, you're her vice
    7. your sister uses them as long as they're the same date, careful transit might read this
    8. amanda- ice cubes in a short heavy bottom glass, mom: waves at the lake
    9. are you talking about yourself, the containers yes, bt organized?
    10. could grey be the new seaglass?
    12. mom says - but you can't have the one at the lake!
    13. wish you hadn't told me either
    15. opposite of amanda
    19. you were beautiful!
    23. why didn't you tell me about shopgirl, we could have rented it together;P
    27. remember imitating the parrot and putting hollaback girl on repeat? good times
    29. you're part aspin !
    29. string how we ended up so opposite yet so the same, i've taken 25 photos this year
    34. your posture issues could be from that massive back pack you carried gr 7 through 11
    37. the birds are probably writing the same thing about you on their blog. jj. love you leigh-ann, very entertaining list. xox

  5. I have yet to leave a comment but I do go on your site randomly to see what's new in the life of Leigh-Ann when we haven't talked for a while....You truly have a gift for creativity and are very unique. I love to see how you are truly passionate, and put all your effort in to making everything you do and make to the best of your ability. Great job I look forward to visiting every so often
    Love ya

  6. first of all, your mom and sister are so cute. I can tell how much you love them. Second of all-I see so much of myself in that list! I'm so glad I found your blog---and thus, you! You rock it hard, L.A.

    OH! Don't forget...Miami Ink is on tonight!


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