mono-convo 4

We both took these pictures of each other without knowing it. cool.
After watching 7 (or 10) episodes of Arrested Development and spontainously switching to sleep with our heads at the other end of our bed (making turning off our alarm clocks funny. left was right and right was left... we tryed finding the snooze buttons on each other's faces, lol.) Tyson and I discussed....
LA: Tys, what do you think of the name Jack for a baby? Tys: Are we pregnant? LA: No. Tys: Ummmm, no. Not as good as our other name. LA: NO?! I really like that name! It's cute! and matures with him. (Then we go into listing all the Jacks we can think of) Jack-in-the-Box
Little Jack Horner
Jack in the Bean Stock
Jack Nichlson
Jack and Jill
Jack of All Trades
Black Jack
Jack Russell Terrier
Captain Jack Sparrow
Jack the Ripper
Jack Bower
Jack Aspin (My grandpa. Break it up, it's a funny name. Read it fast outloud. Jack-Aspin.)
Jack-O-Latern (which brings to mind a snort laughing thought of 'man-o-lanturn', 40yroldvirgin)
Jack Squat
All Jacked Up (on mountain dew)
Tys: Jack Sprout, LA:Who?, Tys: Jack sprout...oh, i think i made it up.
Jack Knife
Jack Black
Samuel L. JACKson
*** Tys: If we move to Kenora, can we get a pig pet? A pot belly pig-- LA: Yes! I was thinking that too! Tys: (Smiles big) LA: Can we name her 'Bacon'? Tys: Yes, Definately. Lola, do you want another pet that looks like Penny?
LA: "Smile Lola" (Inside Joke. My aunty told her dog to smile for a photo.)


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  1. Amanda (Sister)6/26/2007 12:20:00 pm

    Jackson 5
    Jack Daniels

  2. i like to kick, i like to stretch and i like to kick, cause im 50, 50 years old

  3. cute pic's guys...and so sweet that you were both thinking alike...JACK is a great name...but what if it's a girl? (that just might happen you know? 50% chance!)

  4. I want a pot belly pig!!!! And I want to name mine Daisy :) They can be friends. One day... :)


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